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Cindy & Georgia
Sun Aug 9, 2015 02:09

The girls bathroom on the third floor was unlike any other to be found in the Manor. Large mirrors had been installed on the walls, at the expense of Victoria Parker’s father if you believed the rumours, and long padded benches brought in to create a divide between the vanity and the stalls. The scent of a dozen different perfumes lingered on the air and the whole room was heavy with the fog of hair spray and gin.

Georgia Derby entered relatively unnoticed. Although Derby was a good name there had been some nasty business during the war that had seen the family reputation decline somewhat in recent years. It hadn’t been too concerning, as one way or another they always managed to claw their way back in, but lately it did appear to be getting worse.

None of the older Bs had really taken to Georgia the way that she had presumed they would. Ingratiating herself with Troy Bastrova had been a stroke of genius on her part but it wasn’t enough to win over the likes of Calliope Katini. She had hoped that when her cousin Rhys had started playing for the same Quidditch team as Calliope’s own brother she’d have some common ground to build on but she’d had limited success there too.

Still, she was determined to persevere. Georgia was ambitious to say the least and she wasn’t about to give up at the first hurdle. That’s why she placed herself firmly on the edge of the bench that the Queen B sat on and why she ignored the glaring eye of Cindy Hutton, who had followed her in.

The Hutton family had made their money a mere five hundred years before, through what was charitably termed good investments. As such, Cindy was lower on the social ladder than Georgia Derby. Not that Cindy cared. Her family had money and pureblood and that was all that should matter. One day day everyone would recognise that.

She took the bench by the other two girls and with precise movements, rearranged her hair in order to find the most fetching style. By the mirrors reflection she watched as Georgia oh not so subtly tried to imitate Queen Cal, never noticing the way the Queen B fed her words like tidbits to a hungry bird. As Calliope left, Cindy scoffed at the Balgren.

“You can try all you want, you’re never going to raise in her ranks.”

Georgia took a long look at her own manicured nails. “I have a better chance than you do,” she pointed out sweetly. “After all, there’s nothing wrong with my blood.”

Cindy turned red. “My blood is just fine, thank you,” she said through gritted teeth.

“Of course it is darling,” Calliope said as she glided back to the bench to recheck her makeup. “Everybody who’s anybody knows that the Huttons are respectable - in their own way.”

Cindy knew a placating voice when she heard it but smirked at Georgia anyway. None of them noticed faint smoking that was coming from beneath the stalls, or the quiet series of hisses.

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