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Grace, Orion & Troy
Sun Aug 9, 2015 02:10

Grace was thinking about what she’d done. What she had done was finally find the right combination of moves to annoy Professor Ethaire enough that she was sent to go out of the classroom and ‘think about what you did’. So she had. Then she’d met up with Sean Wills, a light haired boy who was running errands for the Minister as a substitute for being exposed to Potion fumes. They’d gotten the boring chats about summers out of the way and had settled to play Poltergeist, which mostly involved being as distracting as possible outside the classrooms, without getting caught. Sean was winning, by virtue of being slimmer and quicker. They’d had to separate when Blackwell poked her head into the hall to give them a look, and Grace found herself wandering over towards the staircases in time to catch Troy talking to a tree. Or rather, a kid in a tree.

“You starting to take Herbology seriously?” she asked as she joined him. “Pretty good for someone who’s ‘medically exempt from contact with dirt’.”

Troy had barely managed a few sauntering paces before Grace caught up with them, completely ruining the air of mystery he’d been trying to project. He frowned at her and glanced back at Ri, who was already digging in her pockets for the firecrackers. “It’s a daily struggle,” he said in reply, almost convincingly. “Especially with you around.”

Grace ignored the frown and looked over at Ri, her expression changing to annoyance. “Are those my good firecrackers?”

“Might be,” Ri huffed through a mouthful of Pepper Imps.

“Never mind those,” Troy swooped in, placing a casual arm around Grace’s shoulder. “Those are cheap. Couldn’t even set fire to a paper hat. You should know better.” He directed the last part to Grace with a pointed look.

“Of course I know better!” Grace said, casting a confused glance at where Troy’s arm was. “I was going to improve them.”

“Of course you were,” he grinned. “Luckily, I happen to have something in the works that you girls are going to love. Better than any firecrackers, improved or otherwise.”

Grace’s eyes lit up. A Troy idea, well executed, meant spectacular destruction and chaos. Orion swung her legs over the railings and leaned towards them. Grace’s face told her that whatever Troy had planned, it was going to be much, much better than firecrackers.

“Go on then,” Grace nudged him. “Tell us.”

“You know what day it is today?” Troy asked with a lopsided grin, looking hopefully from one face to the other. The stare he received in response was blank on both counts. He sighed. “See, this is what happens when you skip classes. You lose track of the days…never mind. Today is Friday, and not just any Friday. It’s the first Friday. Now, what does that mean?”

“That we have a whole week before the next one?” Ri sighed.

“Technically, yes,” Troy conceded. “But that’s not why I bring it up.” Still nothing from the girls. “Do I have to spell it out? The first Friday back is one of the biggest nights out…especially for the Bs.”

“Keep talking…” Grace said slowly, catching on.

“What’s a bee?” Ri butted in.

“Not ‘A Bee’, the Bs. The Bs who are getting ready for said night out in the girl’s third floor bathroom.”

A soft, “Oh!” from Grace as she caught up. “Troy, that’s brilliant!” she breathed, an invisible tail twitching.

“Of course it is,” Troy grinned smugly. “You caught up yet, kid?”

“We’re going to set fireworks off in the girls bathroom,” Ri shrugged, like that was a normal day for her. “Why didn’t you just say that?”

“Not we,” Troy corrected her. “You. I have a date.”

“A what?” asked Ri at the same time Grace said, “Really? Where we going?”

The Prince propped himself casually against the wall and flashed her a smile. "Wherever you want, pretty eyes," he said, leaning closer.

Grace let him get just close enough then shrugged. “I’ll figure it out later. Ri now, me and Ri I have big big plans.” She took Ri by the shoulder. “Come on, we’ve got work to do.”

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