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Cindy Hutton
Sun Aug 9, 2015 02:12

Cindy Hutton had been tipped off by, well let’s just say a new acquaintance, on where, let’s say an old acquaintance, would be this particular night and what would be on offer. Clutching a small wooden box she scurried along the back corridors surrounding the Library. Every month Ted, from Reym House, chose a different location to trade his wares. Dagon Hounslow in potions class had managed to get a hold of said location and this month it was an old broom cupboard that had been concealed into a wall. The main reason the brooms weren’t kept there anymore was because people kept forgetting where the door was. She’d heard that last month Tracy Beluga from Balgren had traded an other wise, at least at Aelcrest, useless FM Radio for a whole box of fire crackers. Still clutching her wooden box she knew she could get something even better.
There was a shuffling sound ahead but she didn’t worry, presuming it was just another student with a tip off.
She could fall and skin her knee. She could get lost in the maze of corridors and never find her way back. Worse yet, some despicable person could carry the little girl off, never to be seen by her friends or family again. And those incidents would be relatively minor compared to what had happened.
The witch nodded to herself. It was up to her once again. She could she would save this poor defenceless child from the same terrible fate that so many other children had gone through.
She crept forward and held up the crystal. She whispered the words she had spent so much time learning and cast the spell in the direction. The crystal glowed, faintly, briefly. The girl was stopped in her tracks, the victim of a Full-Body Bind that extended to her voice box, making noise impossible.
The witch, in some small part of herself, felt bad for this part of the spell. It was rather slow and, she imagined, quite terrifying. At least it wasn’t painful. On the contrary the next part was probably quite pleasant.
She watched as the girl’s form took on a smoky appearance. Perhaps, the witch wondered, she should let this one keep the box. Perhaps it contained a trinket the girl couldn’t sleep without. No, she wouldn’t carry such a thing around in a box. Another few words to separate the two. The girl vanished, the box remained, set gently on the floor.
In the crystal, a small whimpering was heard. The witch tucked it back into a pocket. In a while the girl would quiet down and could be put with the others, safe from the dangerous things.
Children should not be wandering around at night. They shouldn’t be wandering alone. It was dangerous. There were unscrupulous, unsavoury things lurking about in the darkness, here in the Shadow.

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