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Thom & Troy
Sun Aug 9, 2015 02:13

Honestly? Thom loved the library. He really did. And not just because it had a “Special Collections” section (why didn’t they just hang a sign that says “break into me”?) But because it had the perfect armchairs. Okay, that there were only a certain number of them and they were pretty much always occupied by someone who wasn’t a first year, but still…you know…the cubical desks were good too. And it had a great view of the world outside. He spent most of his time at one of the windows, waving at strangers and classmates on the grounds below, trying to see people’s reactions. Grace and Randy had taught him that, always making sure to do it when Mom and Dad weren’t looking. Especially Mom. But after a while his arm got tired. and he leaned back in his not-quite-as-comfortable study chair. Another few minutes he wasted looking around. Then again. Once more, more serious this time. It was there again. Wasn’t it?
He took out his sketchbook….
“Catch you later, beautiful,” Troy winked at a third year girl before diverting into the Library. He located Thom and walked towards him. “Hey kid, how’s it going? You ready to learn the philosophy of a free and easy life?”
Thom shut the sketchbook quickly. Last thing he wanted was yet another person turning his pages into something like aeroplanes.
“I have to learn philosophy now too?” he groaned “I can barely get Transmutagen.”
Thom looked at the girls. “How’s Charms supposed to help me? I mean I can light a candle and I managed that floating thing, but I don’t think that’d do much would it?”
“Not Charms, charm. You know, the thing that makes the girls go weak at the knees and go all gibbery,” he grinned and waved to Caitlin as she noticed him. Despite her being a sixth year and he a second, there was nothing his grin could not achieve. “See, girls just can’t help themselves when you make them think they’re the only one in the world.”
Thom watched the smiles effect on the other girl. “So…does is it work on sisters too? Cause I’m pretty sure Grace already thinks she’s the only one in the world.”
“No man, it’s not a sisterly thing I’m hinting at here. How can I explain this…okay well you’re in the same year as Orion right? We’ll use her as an example, she’s kinda cute. Say she was really good at a particular subject, let’s say Transfiguration and you, for the purposes of this explanation are really bad at it. How’d you think you’d get her to help you?”
Thom didn’t spend much time thinking about it. Orion was better than him at Transtabtitfication. A lot of people were. Hell, he couldn’t even pronounce it right. “I ask her,” he answered, trying to keep the “duh” out. If Grace found out he’d done that, she’d probably smack him for talking back at Troy like that. And then he’d never get her old notes.
“Yes, but,” said Troy “It’s the way you ask them that’s important! You’ve got to make them want to fall over themselves to help you. You gotta try something like, ‘Hey Beautiful, I was so busy getting lost in your eyes during potions I forgot to take any notes, you mind if I borrow yours?’ And then you give them a wink and a grin. Come on, try it out.”
“Ooookay.” Thom looked around. “What’ll I try?”
“Well for you, we’ll start small because your new to this stuff. Try it on a girl you don’t like in that way, so if it goes wrong you’re not shooting yourself in the foot for later. Just smile at her, and look her in the eyes like this,” here Troy showed Thom his trademark, dreamy eyed look and grin, “and say ‘Hey beautiful’. Try and avoid her for the next week or so but when you do see her, just give her a grin and then pass her in the Dining Hall and say it again. After that, she’ll go weak at the knees every time you look at her, then is the moment to move in. In the meantime, I’ll talk to the older girls and get you in with them,” he grinned, “By the end of the term you won’t have to take notes for any class and if you’re really good, you won’t have to do homework either.”
“Okay,” he looked around and found a group of Reym House girls. He walked by, waving. “Hey pretty ladies.” He said. A few looked at him and he smiled and winked. “How’s it going beautiful?” He tried really hard not to look at one in particular, since that’d mean he had to pick. A few of the group looked at him then each other, trying to figure out who he meant.
Troy watched with an amused look. “Hey, I’m impressed.” He said as the younger boy returned. ”Not one of them gave you a dirty look, so that’s a good start - especially for Reym girls. They’re feisty. ‘Pretty ladies’ was good, but they got confused when you said ‘beautiful’ but didn’t look at one in particular. It’s good to catch their eye. But, man, for a first attempt that was bold and it worked!” He patted the young boy on the back. “I’m going to have to watch out for you, I’ve got competition.”

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