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Ace & Dagon
Sun Aug 9, 2015 02:13

In the cool light of his room, Dagon Hounslow finished unpacking, removed his glasses and rubbed his eyes. He had eaten too much at the Welcoming Banquet, which had given him the sort of headache his Aunt Margot was always warning him about. Through his open door he’d been able to hear the sounds of Troy Bastrova entering and taking command of the Balrgren Common Room. The boy was only twelve and thus had none of the command that the Social Royalty known as the Bs had, but he was a bona fide prince, and that warranted some respect and awe from his fellows.

Dagon picked up a small box he had set on his dressing table when he’d first come in. It had been a gift from his aunt. At least that’s what Spencer had told him, Aunt Margot had been in a meeting when he’d left. It was a box of enamel and gold, the lid imprinted with the hearth and forge that had been the Pennington family legacy. On a cushion of royal blue fabric sat a chain that culminated in two interlinking rings surrounding a tiger eye stone with a piece of green crystal at its centre.


He flinched at the sudden loudness of the voice. Ace Crandell, his hair tucked under the ubiquitous red cap again, sauntered in and planted himself in the desk chair with his feet on the desk. “Seen Tracy?”

“I have not,” Dagon said when his heart started beating normally again. “Perhaps she is waiting for you in Reym.”

Ace shook his head. Mid-shake, he noticed the necklace was trying to quietly return to its box. “Zat?”

Dagon considered lying, but Ace was had proven to be quite talented in that area, both in telling and detecting them. “It’s an heirloom. Protective charm.”

“Nu-uh. Lesee.” Before Dagon could stop him, the Reym by had reached forward and snatched it from him. Ace eyed it critically. “‘S nice. How much?”

“Nothing,” Dagon plucked it back. Ace gave him a confused look, so he spoke slowly but clearly. “It is not for sale.”

Ace sucked air between his teeth. “Whatev. You see Tracy…” he pointed to Dagon, then himself. “Yeah?”

“Yes,” Dagon promised. “I will be sure to tell her.”

He coughed a little as Ace pounded him on the back with the flat of his palm. He always seemed to do that extra hard. “Cool, yeah,” said Ace. He left as Dagon readjusted his glasses. Dagon checked to make sure that he’d gone, briefly greeted the boy Troy was introducing to Balgren, and returned to his aunt’s gift. It had come with a note. He could nearly hear the desperation in her writing as she pleaded for him to wear the necklace and never take it off.

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