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Thom & Troy
Sun Aug 9, 2015 02:14

Thomas sat on the stairs, waiting. He could hear Professor Rose, still going on and on (...and on and...) with his lesson in the Courtyen and he tried his best not to glaze over. He'd been trying his hand at sketching instead, just to see. When the door finally opened and the older students came rushing out, he made a point of not looking up too quick. Nope, the way to do things was to wait, Thom knew. Let people crowd and separate, then mix in. And that's what he did.
He found Troy easy enough among the crowd and weaved his way over to the older boy. "Hey," he said, when he caught up. He wasn't unaware of the way other kids were looking at him, that ‘How dare you speak boy?!’ look, but he just chalked it up to the fact that he was a first year and ignored them in the blatant fashion of a first year. "Troy. Troy. Can I talk to you a minute?"
Troy didn't hear him at first but his friend pointed him out and he turned round. His friends disappeared as he smiled at the firsty and nodded. "Yeah, sure. Shoot."
“I need to write this report for History. Only thing is I have no idea what they’re talking about. Anyways Gracie said you had a knack for this sort of thing so I was wondering if you could help me out.” He added after a pause “And, um…not let her know that I called her that.” Troy grinned and slapped the younger boy on the back, beckoning him to sit beside him at the table.
"Listen, History, Potions, Charms...they're all the same. You don't even need to read the books if you know how to work it. Seriously, the less you worry about these 'supposed' grand lessons of life the better you will do. I'll tell you what, meet me in the Library after classes this afternoon and I'll show you what I mean." He turned to walk away and then turned back. "Oh, and as for 'Gracie' it's our little secret." With that he gave the younger boy another pat on the back and sauntered off.
Troy didn't seem to notice that Thom paled at that last part. He looked around, furtively. For it being a secret, Troy hadn't seemed too big on saying it quietly. His sister, fortunately, did not put in an appearance. Thom held his sketchbook closer and took off in a different direction, just in case.

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