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Orion & Randy
Sun Aug 9, 2015 02:17

It was half past eight when Randy entered Reym and made his way up the steps of the girls’ dorms. A few paintings gave him suspicious looks, despite the fact that he’d been doing this for almost two years and had only ever gone to one room.

Ri was lying on her bed, with one foot dangled over the side just in case it decided to get tetchy and throw her out again. A set of headphones that were far too big for her head were practically vibrating with the sounds of ‘Anaconda Girl’ (a Python’s hit), but she was too engrossed in the latest copy of Quidditch Weekly. Apparently only an exclusive interview with Cameron Tyler, rising star and Captain of the Gorodok Gargoyles, could hold her attention enough to prevent her from singing along.

“Hey,” Randy called. Then “Hey!” again when she didn’t answer. He rolled his eyes. It really was like dealing with a shorter version of Grace, except that Grace didn’t bother with Quidditch and loud music. He pulled out a small grey stone he kept for just such occasions and tossed it.

“Ow!” she sat bolt upright as the stone hit her square in the shoulder and returned to Randy’s waiting palm. She flipped her headphones down around her neck and scowled at him. “What?!”

“Where’s Grace?” he asked, pocketing the stone.

“What am I? Her babysitter?” Ri huffed, rubbing the sore spot on her collar bone. Randy didn’t budge so she threw her magazine across the room, into a waiting pile, and sighed dramatically. “She’s probably still in detention.”


She shrugged and stretched, completely unaffected by her room mate’s excessive punishment. It was only when Randy didn’t leave that she thought to ask, “Why?”

He held up a small, rectangular box by way of explanation. “Double Feature. Zedhead and the Living Shadow. It was supposed to be Dog Soldiers but they were all out.” Ri gave him a blank look. “Not your sort of thing?”

“I dunno,” she told him honestly. “You kind of have to know what a thing is to know if it’s your sort.”

“And you don’t know what a movie is?”

“I know what a movie is,” she rolled her eyes. Then, “What’s a Zedhead?”

Randy looked at the back of the box. "According to this it's 'a cannibalistic rage beast in human shape with a thirst for revenge and blood.' Interested? Hate for it go to waste."

“Revenge and blood…” she repeated back to him. “So…probably not a film about ponies or kittens?”

Randy looked at the box again and then back to his room mate’s sister. “No,” he shook his head. “Definitely not.”

“Awesome!” she grinned, jumping to her feet. “My stupid Dad is so strict. He never lets me watch anything.”

“I’m sure he’s not that bad,” he said, putting up the screen in the space between the beds.

“Sure,” she replied sarcastically. “He’s not that bad, and Bambi is really, really scary…not that I would know.”

“Ah,” Randy gave her a sympathetic look to accompany the noise.

“Right!” She moved towards the trunk that sat at the end of her bed. The lid was pinned down by an ever growing pile of old magazines but she’d wedged one of her History text books underneath it, leaving just enough room to get her arm in. After rummaging around she pulled out two packets of marshmallows and threw one to Randy, who had settled on Grace’s bed.

“You ready?” he asked, quirking an eyebrow. She was still moving around, turning off the lights and fluffing pillows until she’d turned her bed into something more like a nest.

“Bring it,” she grinned, with a mouth full of marshmallows.

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