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Talora & Zydrie
Sun Aug 9, 2015 02:18

Zydrie opened the door at the very top of the staircase and buzzed in like a fly. There was someone already there, seated in the window seat, book open on her lap.
"Ohhh, sorry did I get the right room? Is this me? I mean hey how you doing I'm Zydrone, but you can call me Zydrie. Is this your room? I am sure they told me to come in here. Oh look," she rushed over to the bed furthest from the window, "Here's all my things! We must be sharing. Oh that's so great, we can be like bestest friends and I will let you borrow all my things. I have ever so many things. Do you like Quidditch?"

She paused, drew breath and beamed at the other girl.
Talora was not quite sure where to start. Her peace and tranquillity shattered, she closed her Transfiguration book and hopped down from the window ledge.

She had had the fortune and great privilege she was well aware of having her own room for her first year, and, whilst she had known it wouldn't last it had still been quite shattering to see the new girl's possessions when she returned from her swim.

Still Talora smiled, "I'm Talora," she said firmly, trying to impose some order onto Zydrie's rant. "And you said you're Zydrie right? It will be lovely to share with you," she added not entirely truthfully. "Can I help you to unpack and sort your things out?"

Zydrie's side of the room was heaving with a mad assortment of boxes, bags and very peculiarly shaped parcels. Talora's in contrast was neat and serene with shelves and shelves of beautifully bound books and lots of flowers.
"That'd be super, thanks so much," Zydrie beamed and she grabbed the unsuspecting Talora around the waist and hugged her tightly. Zydrie was practically bursting with love of the world and she intended to disperse the joy - liberally.

As they sat in the midst of Zydrie's chaos, unwrapping and exclaiming over her treasures - such as an old walking cabinet which sometimes ate her possessions;inconvenient but a family heirloom, and her first broom which she had been compelled to bring irrespective of the fact that it was broken into six separate pieces - Zydrie knew she had to check.

"So Talora what?" she enquired, hoping it was not too obvious. Zydrie didn't care all that much, but them back home definitely would and them back home would definitely ask.
The girl was every so slightly nuts, Talora decided. But sweet. She has brought the most random stuff with her and Talora laughed and exclaimed over them with her. Subsequently she tried to make room and find a home for them, but Zydrie kept dragging them back out again to tell another story or just to reconnect with an old friend.

"Talora de Black," she said, "Second year by the way, how about you?"
The smile on Zydrie's face dropped. She actually felt a rush of goosebumps over her body, as if her great-aunt were sliding across her grave.

She knew that name. Oh she knew that name alright.

Zydrie was flighty and flaky but she wasn't stupid. And she listened and she heard.

"Oh....that's nice!" she said and her voice squeaked weirdly to her ears. "Very nice...yes I..I'm Zydrone...V..V..Vashkaite, first year, I guess you can tell."

Now would the other girl hit her? Curse her? Kill her?
OK that was very odd. She told Zydrie her full name and year and the girl practically quaked. If she were not mistaken she even turned a whiter shade of pale under her tan. Then she began to stutter. A more different girl than a moment ago could not be found.

What could be wrong? Was it her name? The fact she was older than her?

"Zydrie?" She asked. Now the other girl wouldn't look her in the face.

She put out one hand kindly and Zydrie actually flinched.

Zydrone's surname meant nothing whatsoever to Talora de Black.
That was it. She was going to hit her. She saw her hand raise and instinctively flinched away.

But the expected blow never came.

Zydrie, growing up with two older brothers had come to expect the worst in that department, the rough and tumble of every day play usually being very rough and it was inevitably she who took the tumble.

Zydrie looked up to find Talora gazing at her it a quizzical and slightly peturbed manner. Zydrie considered this. Perhaps she didn't know? It was worth a go, she had after all until that moment been looking forward to sharing a room with this girl; she seemed very kind, very gentle and very pretty.

She shook herself all over like a dog emerging from a lake. Then she giggled weakly.

"Sorry," she said. "I guess I just er thought you would be my age you know, being older you must think I am a baby and yeah."

Zydrie decided to pull one of her goof ball stunts, twisted her legs round the back of her neck and rolled herself up into a ball.
Talora giggled too. Zydrie was infectious.

"You are such a goofy chimera," she said poking the Zydrie ball, which promptly howled and dissolved back into girl form.

She dismissed Zydrie's oddness as part of her quirky personality. "Now let's finish up and go down. I don't know about you but I would love a hot drink."

A vision of a steaming cup of coffee was beginning to haunt her so she promptly began to stuff a load of Zydrie's possession into half empty drawers (a number of which protested vocally at such treatment).

With relief she squeezed the last remaining items in and held out her hand.

"I'll show you the back route down," she said, "Come on it's much quicker and you get to slide at one point!"

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