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Becca, Ellie & Randy
Sun Aug 9, 2015 02:18

Aelcrest Manor was sadly lacking in the necessities of life, like Cable TV, the internet and cell phone communication. That’s why Ellie was doing homework in the middle of the afternoon. She was lucky though; Becca, who had quickly become her BFF, had most of the same classes. They were halfway through an outline on a paper about the Last Great Goblin Rebellion (which happened before the Next Great Goblin Rebellion), when the door to Weir House opened. Although, “door” wasn’t so much the actual term, but the closest equivalent. Into the common room, came a second year. Ellie nearly squealed as he walked in, and headed straight towards a group of other boys.

“Ohmagaw.” Ellie grabbed Becca’s arm. “It’s him.”
The Rebellion changed it’s course when Re... The rest of the sentence ended in a smudgy scrawl as Becca’s arm was dragged away from the assignment. She huffed. All that work. All over again.

Becca glanced over her shoulder at the crowd of boys. “So go talk to him.” She prodded her friend in the side.
“I can’t do that.” Ellie whispered, almost turning red at the thought. “I’d sound stupid. Probably drool.” She looked again. “Ohmagaw he’s so cute.”
Becca looked too. She wasn’t sure if cute was the word she’d use to describe him. He was alright looking. Then he turned and looked in their direction. Becca gasped and the two girls turned their backs to him, giggling.
“Did he see us?” Ellie asked
“We’re not invisible.” Becca answered
“Ohmagaw--” Ellie began.
“If you’re not going to ask him I will.” Becca sighed and began to stand. Ellie grabbed her arm and pulled her down.
Becca rolled her eyes. This was getting stupid. "Then go talk to him."
Ellie hesitated. Becca began to push away from the table. Ellie grabbed her arm again.

“Okay, okay. I’ll go.” Ellie stood, ran her hands through her hair, and tugged and the collar of her shirt. “Do I look okay?”
“Yeah. Go.” Becca shoved her friend towards the crowd of guys at the other side of the room.
Ellie hesitated, took a moment to check her breath and walked towards the guy.
Randy came in with a headache. He always seemed to get them after talking with his sister. It wasn’t her plans that bugged him, but the way she went with them. Well, that and other things. He had figured on heading for his room, when he caught sight of Richard, John and Ranger. He joined them, just in time to watch as John‘s Nintendo DS crash in a way Randy had only seen happen in desktop computers.

“Wow. That was fun.” He said. The others looked at him. “Any of you guys seen Leo around?”

The three shook their heads. “Did he steal your money too?” Ranger asked.

“Dude, he didn’t steal your money.”

“Well, someone did.”

“You spent half of it on the candy cart.”

“And the other half?”

“Did you talk to Bear when you got here?”

“He stole my money?”

John had been busy smacking the DS, as if that would somehow repair it easier then a spell. At Ranger’s comment, however, he took a moment to smack him on the back of the head. “Shut up about the money. You probably left it on the train.”

“Besides it’s not like you need it here,” Randy added. “Whata ya gonna do with it? No, you know what. I don’t think I wanna know. Look, if you guys see Leo, tell him I gotta talk to him will ya?”

“For what?”

Randy opened his mouth, but John beat him to the punch. “Ranger. Shut up already.”

Randy turned from the group and headed towards his room again. He was stopped by a voice.

“So, ummmm, hi.”

He looked. “Oh….it’s ummm….” What was her name? Janie, Janey, Carla. Yeah. No. Rebe--no…Jennie? Oh wait. “Ellie, right?”
She turned bright red. Pink, really. “Umm… Yea. Um, I was wondering ..I just wanted to know if you did okay on the quiz yesterday.”
Randy blinked. Quizzes. Seriously? He’d forgotten that not everyone had a life outside of classes. “Yeah. I did okay I guess. Got 25 right.”
“Really? Wow.” Ellie said, then realised immediately that was stupid. 25 out of 30 was really not that big a deal. Better than her 16 though. “That’s really good. So, anyway, I was wondering if maybe you could help me, for the next quiz and umm…stuff.”
“Yeah, sure I…I guess. Just, I gotta go now alright?”
“Oh, yeah, okay. Great. I’ll just meet you later then? Oh, and if you can’t find me you can just ask my friend Becca, that’s her over there see.” She pointed over to the work table. And waved to Becca. “Yea, you just ask her and she’ll find me. Okay?”
Becca had turned her chair to watch her friend at work. She couldn’t hear a lot of it, but sounded very awkward. When Ellie made him look in her direction, she gave the boy a weak little wave. He waved back, and she didn’t feel like a complete moron.
Randy looked to where she pointed and gave a little wave. So that was Becca. That made sense. She looked like a Rebecca. Ellie, on the other hand, didn’t quite look like an Ellie. Of course, he wasn’t exactly sure what an Ellie was supposed to look like. “Yeah. Right. I’ll just.. I really gotta go now, yeah? So I’ll just…I’ll see you…Yeah. Bye.” He turned and left, a little quicker than he’d original thought and with the thought that normal girls were very, very weird.
Ellie came back, with all the excitement of an overjoyed puppy.
Ellie continued waving until he was gone, the half-ran back to the table. “Oh. My. Gaw” she whispered excitedly. “He talked to me. Did you see that?”

“Yeah. I saw,” Becca, said. “Did you have to drag me into it though?”
“Well what if he needs to talk to me. You have to, you know, take a message for me, and stuff.”

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