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Ace Crandell
Sun Aug 9, 2015 02:20

Ace Crandell slowly squeezed himself between the glass doors of the Courtyen and tried not to make a sound. He was looking for something, not in particular, but something. A boy in third year – Fargo? Hegon? Dagon? Something like that – had told him that he had heard from Grace Schuler that Ted’s monthly swap shop was taking place in two day’s time and he had in stock not one but 20 Insta-Note Quills. They would take note of everything that was said in class so that you could get back to sleeping whilst pretending to listen and catch up later. Also rumoured was a cheat Quill, perfect for doing your essays, exams and all other matters of homework you couldn’t be bothered to do yourself. Owing to Ace’s abysmal grades of last year, either one of these would save his ass from another howler from his Grandfather.
And there it was. Glimmering and shining in its own special way. With that peculiar little humming sound that drew children near it without their notice. A small piece of glass. No, crystal. A small piece, but enough to make a jeweller or goblin drool with the possibilities of that one stone. The boy reached out for it. The stone reached back. There was a small tinkling sound, as though many of its fellows were crashing against each other. Voices carried warnings on a breeze that muted and warped them into wordless nothings.

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