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Grace, Leo, Orion, Randy, Thom & Troy
Sun Aug 9, 2015 02:21

Thom found himself knocking on the table in vein. It really shouldn't have been this hard to get a meal. “Come on…it’s gonna be breakfast in a couple of hours anyway. A French toast casserole is not too much to ask. Hello. Hello?” The table offered a casserole. The kind with green beans. “’S not even French,” he grumbled. “Stupid table.” He plopped some on his plate anyway and went to sit with the others. Halfway there he came inches from literally running into his sister.
Grace slapped a paper down onto his tray. “What does this look like to you?”
Like something a five year old drew, Thom thought, but he wasn’t stupid enough to say it. “Like homework,” he decided finally. “I don’t think Mr Shoney takes essays in cartoon form.”
“First of all, stupid, it’s Pro-fess-er Shoney. This was on the back of some picture in the old guy’s file cabinet.” Thom dropped the paper, a look of disgust on his face.
“How far back?”
“Stop being a guy. Now look.” Grace fought the urge to smack him.
He looked. The scribbles were actually like shorthand. Really badly written shorthand. And the lines, and dots could be a diagram. “I guess….I mean…could be a spell.”
She slapped her hand on the table. “Yes. Exactly. Thank you.”
“--or it could be some weird connect the dots game. Who wrote this?”
“I did.” She answered, sounding more than a little miffed.
“Oh.” said Thom. The rest of the sentence he shut his mouth on. He really didn’t want her to be in a bad mood. All he could do was sigh mentally when she went and sat somewhere other than next to him, flicking Leo's ear in the process.
"Ow!" flinched Leo as Grace sauntered past him, flicking his ear as she went. It was the previously detached one and it still felt funny when people touched it. "Hey!" he yelled after her but she, of course, did not care.
Grace came and sat beside Ri just as she'd decided that homework was just not for her and slammed her ridiculously over-sized textbook for Herbology. Welcoming the distraction she greeted her friend with a pop of her bubble-gum.
"Hey! What ya got there?" she said, squinting at the crumbled, messy scribblings on the paper. " that a spell?!"
"Yes, it is." she announced triumphantly. "Check it out, the plans to cross the bridge."
Randy leaned over slightly to get a better look at the scribble.
"Yeah,” he said at last. "'The copper duck eats cheese?' That's a huge help. And what exactly does this stand for?" He asked, holding up a stray green bean.
Grace was suitably unimpressed with her brother's skills at reading shorthand upside down. "It means dinner." she answered and popped the bean into her mouth. Ri took the paper, squinted and started turning it in different directions before finally deciding.
"So this means....we can get across the bridge?" she whispered the last part as she was sure Blackwell had eyes and ears everywhere.
"No," Randy answered, before Grace once again declared triumph. She shot him a look which he ignored. "It means we now know why we can't cross the bridge. Or we would if the notes were better. Why didn't you just duplicate it?" Grace had already been picking pieces of food off the others plates, and was now forced to talk around half a roll.
“Because that'd be too easy." she said in her usual so-there fashion. Adding, after a moment, “and I didn't feel like it."
"You mean you couldn't remember the spell."
"How do you not remember a simple duplicating spell?"
She threw the other half of the roll, hitting him square in he face. "That's how."
Leo finally spoke up, as Randy hadn’t managed to talk the two girls down on his own.
"Well this should be pretty straight forward then right? I mean once we have the spell...though that's not quite as straight forward as it could be...we just need the reverse spell. We could be over there like tomorrow!" Ri was saying, her excitement evident by the way her foot was bobbing up and down.
"Calm down, Ri!" warned Leo. "The bridge is not something we can talk about lightly and especially not here." He hushed her and she pouted and folded her arms.
Randy nodded, glad for the backup. Thom, for all that he was a good kid, would fold under the threat of not being their sister's favourite.
"Even if we could, it wouldn’t do us much good. It's a badly made…" Grace through a green bean at him, “…copy of only part of a formula. I mean, what do we even have to work with?"
"I still got a few more files to...ya know, file. I can always figure out the rest." She picked up the cup from the other girl's plate and took a drink from it.
"Anyways wha--" she stopped and got an odd look on her face. She looked in the cup, then at Ri "Seriously? You, like, three?" She drank again, made a face, and set the cup back down.
"What's wrong with it?" asked Orion, rather hurt. The cup was filled with milk, but not ordinary was a strange orange colour with bright multicolour blobs so that when you shook the glass it lit up like a lava lamb and still tasted of the generic strawberry that all kids drinks tasted of. Besides, she liked to watch the colours.
"I've found us a place to work," said Leo, trying to move the subject away from lava milk. "Professor Ethaire says there's an unused potions lab on the 3rd floor right at the end of this poky corridor. It's too small for classes and no one goes there. I said I wanted to experiment and he said he wouldn't disturb."
“Great!” Grace nodded, which as close as she would ever get to thanking him. “Time to get to work then.”

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