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Dagon & Shannon
Sun Aug 9, 2015 02:22

“Oh, Dagon!”

It was just past Potions and Dagon emerged with the funk of a concentration draught still clinging to his clothes. As such, he was quite unprepared for the willowy form of Shannon Booker to rush from Charms to throw her arms around him and bury her head in the crux of his shoulder.

“Dagon,” she gasped. “It’s just awful.”

He felt his face going red as he considered the most gentlemanly way to pry her off. “What is?”

“Ace is breaking up with me.”

He knew enough to cover up his laugh with a discreet cough. “Ace Crandell? I seriously doubt that.”

“I haven’t seen him for over two days. Two whole entire days. What other explanation can there be?”

“Perhaps he was out practising with the Thestrals, and got hurt? Have you checked the Infirmary?”

She shook her head, lifting it from his shoulder. “He’s not in there.” She noticed the wrinkles she had put into it and smoothed it out. “And Tracy says she saw him talking to Cindy Hutton only the other day and you know how well they get on.”

“I seriously doubt…” Dagon began, but she wasn’t finished

“Then we’d had a horrible fight over the weekend over that disaster of a birthday gift and he just stormed off. Oh, you will tell him I’m sorry for whatever it was I said that upset him, won’t you? It’d just be awful if he broke up with me now, and he’ll listen to you I know he will.” She looked up - or rather down - at him. Dagon Hounslow was a gentleman. What gentleman could say no to those deeply blue eyes and those trembling lips.

“Very well,” he breathed.

She kissed his cheek and walked away, feeling as though he betrayed her somehow. What he hadn’t told her was that he’d been trying to shake that he knew where Ace was. That was nowhere. He had dreamt, two nights ago, that he had woken Ace and sent the boy off to get some things from Ted, valuable but illicit things. Ace had gone with hardly a question. And now he had vanished.

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    • Dagon & Shannon - TBS, Sun Aug 9 02:22
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