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Bradley Bryant
Sun Aug 9, 2015 02:22

"Argh!" he screamed and kicked a wall, waking up a rather annoyed looking Sir Eglemont of Boudevoir. They had no right, no damn right. And all for something so stupid. So a couple of kids were missing? So what? Ridiculous. He scrunched up his fist, thumped a wall again, and stormed on. That's when he noticed something glinting out of the corner of his eye. Like a sort of rainbow but not. He paused to look closer. It was not the sort of weather for rainbows. Even if it were, rainbows weren’t seen in the halls on a regular basis. They were too childish for even first years.

Poor children. The rooms were sealed. Protected. But protections were flawed. They could be manipulated, gotten around. She didn't have to enter the rooms proper for this, not when the small population was made of misguided children. So her crystal glimmered, and glinted, and found its merry way from one grubby little had to another until it had ended up hear. A subtle variation in magical atmosphere was all it took, and the crystal activated itself. The Binding was less effective without her there, and only the voice box managed to remain still this time, but he came, in the end. And once he did, he hardly even struggled. The crystal went dark again, and faded from the room back to its place on the chandelier.

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      “Oh, Dagon!” It was just past Potions and Dagon emerged with the funk of a concentration draught still clinging to his clothes. As such, he was quite unprepared for the willowy form of Shannon Booker ... more
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