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AnySkai- Arrivals
Fri Jun 29, 2018 17:19

So many people had accepted, Zydrie felt very proud if a little anxious. She'd never been allowed friends to stay before, although in fairness she'd never actually asked. It was kind of an unwritten rule. Family only. But with granny suddenly and unexpectedly unwell, her mother seemed barely to find time to instruct the house elves, let alone notice what her youngest child was doing.

Zydrie hoped they wouldn't look down upon her home. It was large it was true, but also quite unusual she guessed, having now seen firsthand the stone mansions and castles of England. Zydrie's house was inside a tree. The external door was not even visible in the tree trunk to muggle folk. The interior, magically expanded bore centuries of Danuliete tradition attested to by various odd aetefacts and oddities, such as the tendancy for the ceiling of the second living room to shower you with red mushroom spores on the second Tuesday of the month and other sundry occasions. Great-great-uncle Danius' idea of a sense of humour.

She wondered how they'd arrive, particularly Tal whom she knew was not allowed to fly.
Leaning her head against the warm wooden panel of the first class carriage, Talora squeezed her mum's hand and smiled softly. She was grateful. Grateful for everything her mum was doing for her and grateful for the wonderful week they had just spent together. The grand tour her mum called it and it was true they had stopped off in many of the ancient European capitals. Tour ruins, climbed snow covered peaks and swum in clear and shining waters.

Tal at 15 years was also aware that her mum had taken her on this trip without her father's knowledge. Her mum, the most honest and open person Tal knew, was lying for her. She had tried to ask why, but on this subject Crystal was impenetrable. The train juddered and jarred wheezing its way into a tiny ramshackle station. "Anyskai" called the guard and blew shrill blasts on his dull metal whistle.

Talora jumped down and with a flick and twist from her mum the luggage leapt off the racks and pursued them. With a crunch of gears and a screaming of brakes the train hauled its way around the bend and was soon camouflaged by undergrowth. Tal looked at her mum. There was absolutely no one there. Weeds grew profusely out of every crack, a heavy ancient sign creaked. Tal giggled. Crystal giggled. One of the trees giggled too.

Someone was watching them. Someone who was there for his own reasons. Who had no intentions of being seen. And yet as he watched the two witches giggle the laugh on Anyskai platform he was drawn. The younger witch was mesmerising. Willowy, graceful and with a pretty face like an open forest flower. Eladas shook himself mentally. If he didn't watch himself he'd be as soft as Aras. Girl's were good for, well not for much, except the obvious of course. Eladas' dark brooding good looks attracted his fair share of female admirers, but his attention wavered fast and power was always a more attractive mistress.

So... a flower...seriously? But he apparated in front of them anyway.

"May I be of assistance ladies?" he asked and body checked Talora. Fairly unsubtly.

"Oh!" Crystal jumped a little. Instinctively she reached out for Talora's hand and held onto it tightly. All mothers did it, regardless of the child in question being five or fifteen and of the situation being an attempt to cross the road or a stranger in the woods. "Hello," she continued cautiously once recovered. "Thank you for the kind offer, but we wouldn't want to trouble you. I'm sure we'll find our way."

Tal blushed furiously. The stranger was staring at her. And staring and staring and staring. His black unknowable eyes were steady and slightly mocking. She dropped her gaze.
"Hey," she said finally and shuffled swayed slightly bit her bottom lip. Her face burned.

"The question is your way to where," he talked to Crystal and looked at Tal. "If you don't know where you're going I guess you can't get there."
Troy could see precisely two things from the side of the road. On his left was forest, on his right was forest and directly behind him was a whole lot of forest but front and centre stood the other thing. Zydrone Vashkaite.

One of his detail, though which one he couldn’t tell because they all dressed exactly alike, handed him his suitcase. The window rolled slowly down and a slender hand, holding a slender cigarette, appeared and gave a gentle wave. A man’s voice muttered something in Russian, well within Zydrie’s earshot. Troy grunted something back and then the carriage disappeared, sounding a fanfare.

Troy turned to his host with a grin and produced a small bouquet of white rue flowers. “Zdravstvuj Zydrie,” he smiled, handing them to her.
The day the received the official invitation in the mail was the day Mom and Dad pulled out all the stops in discovering who precisely these Vashkates were. It took another week to convince them that Anyskai was not a Death Trap in disguise and that at no point would anyone of the children going be without parental supervision of some sort. Of course Troy would also be there, which worried Lys. Charlie choked that she was worried for Troy, who would now have much less distance to put between himself and Grace or Ri in a bored mood. He secretly suspected it had more to do with the Bastrova boy’s increasing influence on Thom, which had lately manifested itself in chatting up every group of girls they came across during their break. Charlie thought the attempts were hilarious, but Lys insisted the smile was smarmy and he was just begging for a girl to smarten up and slap him. At last they had been allowed to go and leave Randy behind to continue his studies at the Talmorra household. They had borrowed the Berke’s car, as both their vehicle were unable to make the trip in one piece. And so the Berkemobile –as the kids had dubbed it – rolled up to the grove of trees they had been instructed to go to. Thom wrenched the door open and Grace scrambeled over him to get out.
“Now what are the rules?” Charlie asked.

“Don’t lose your brother. Don’t spend all your time with Troy. Don’t get eaten by monsters.” Grace recited.

“Don’t chew with your mouth open. Pay attention to ore than girls. Only allowed to try things under 30%.” Said Thom

“Don’t stick anything metal into electric sockets. Don’t rummage through other people’s stuff. Don’t set anyone’s hair on fire, no matter how accidentally.”

“Don’t lock the parents out of the house. Don’t lock the parents in the house. In fact, ignore all locks.”

“And?” Charlie prodded and when he didn’t get an answer “ You call us. Anytime. For any reason. You got that.”

“We’ll be fine Dad.” Grace said, reaching past Thom for her bag. His was wedged under the seat again. “ Just because Other Dad’s not here doesn’t mean we can’t take care of ourselves.”

“I know, but I’m not going to lie, I’d feel safer if Randy was with you.”

“Well that’s a big load of confidence.”

“It’s a big load of something. “ Thom grunted finally freeing his bag.

“You guys need me to stay and—“

“No!” they both said.

“Fine. I’m parking over there. “ He pointed to a clear path nearby. “Have fun.”
Two figures walked together through the mist, following the track and arguing loudly. The Knight Bus had dropped them almost five miles away, something about the forest being filled with monsters, so they’d had to walk the rest of the way themselves. Orion hadn’t wanted to come in the first place, she wanted to be at Quidditch camp where their parents thought she was. Leo had overruled her, apparently he didn’t want to be at science camp where their parents thought he was. He’d managed to get them all the way to Lithuania without any help from his sister but it would all fall down if she couldn’t lie about where she’d been.

“For the last time,” Leo said, for what had to be fiftieth ‘last time’ that morning. “You…”

“Went to Quidditch camp,” Orion recited huffily.


“Had a great time,” she muttered.

“And?!” he pressed.

“And I absolutely didn’t go to a scary forest in another country.” Leo grit his teeth and resisted the urge to push her into a ditch and leave her there. “And I hate you,” she added.

“Are you going to be a brat the whole time?” he scowled.

“If you keep trying to get into my head,” she shot back, punching him in the shoulder. “Get outta there!”

“I doubt there’s anything interesting in there,” he said with an eye roll. She stopped in the middle of the track and stomped her foot on the ground. When he looked back at her she had her arms crossed. “Oh come on, don’t be like that!” he sighed. “You’ll have a good time once we’re there. You like Zydrie, right?”

Orion shrugged. She had been sure that she liked Zydrie, but ever since she’d turned up in her room in the middle of the night and given her that electric shock she was beginning to doubt herself. She probably wouldn’t have given that a second thought if it was just Zydrie, but it wasn’t. Talora would be there too. Ri had zero desire to hear what was going on in her gooey brain.

“Come on,” Leo insisted. He continued walking without her until she had to run to catch up with him.

“I still hate you,” she muttered as she fell into step beside him.

“I know,” he shrugged, though he smiled a little. “Hey, the others are close. Not long now.”

“How can you tell? I can’t see a damn thing.”

“Then don’t use your eyes,” he called back over his shoulder.

Sure enough, a little way up the track, four sets of feelings began to emerge from the mist and their bodies shortly after.

    • Pamirsta - Fog, Fri Jun 29 17:20
      The mist of pamirsta twisted its cloudy folds round each stranger to Anyskai and muffled their senses. Dancing it toyed with them and each in turn heard something they wished they had not. The dance... more
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        She was a welcome sight after what had just happened. Thom paused, too look behind him. Grace was still there, with the clenched jawed that said she was in Big Sister Mode and not about to admit that ... more
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          Tal gave Zydrie a hug. "Thanks so much Zyd, it's a beautiful house," she whispered in her ear. "Got you something special give it to you later." She kissed her friend and gazed up at the vaulted... more
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            The sprites green eyes glowed at the opportunity to serve and bowed it's little head gracefully. "Breakfast will be served shortly," it offered. "Allow me first to show you to your rooms." Dutifully... more
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              It had been an hour at least since Ri stormed out with Zydrie bouncing after her. Neither Schuler nor the remaining Hardy looked in the slightest bit concerned and Talora was still slightly shaking.... more
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              "Stupid trees," Ri grumbled as her boot snapped and crushed over twigs on the forest floor. "Stupid dagger. Stupid sap. Stupid people." It was all stupid but the most stupid thing was Zydrie. Zydrie... more
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                Ri practically felt her insides leave her skin as a loud crack shook the little clearing. She thought she screamed but maybe that was just her ears ringing. When she looked round a boy dressed in... more
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      The jolt lurched through her body and physically woke her up. Zydrie sat up in bed and clutched at her stomach. She felt physically sick but she was aware that it would pass soon enough. It had been... more
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