What's your line?
Fri Jun 29, 2018 17:19

The jolt lurched through her body and physically woke her up. Zydrie sat up in bed and clutched at her stomach. She felt physically sick but she was aware that it would pass soon enough. It had been a really strong pull though, much more than the usual dim scratch she had grown to recognise for what it was.

Her long brown hair was sticking up at wild angles and she ruffled it even more without thinking. She didn't know anyone who was pregnant. Must be a distant relative then. But no...there was no way it could be so painful. The female Danuliete blood line recognised its own in strange and binding ways.

Her feet pushed their own way out of bed, without the control or consent of their owner. She stood up in her strawberry pattern pyjamas. It was calling her and she wanted to follow it. She glanced at Talora, even in sleep she was so neat and pretty, her bed barely ruffled by her presence. A dramatic contrast to Zydrie whose duvet was now lying in a heap on the floor and whose sheets seemed to defy the laws of sheetdom and come untucked every single night.

No she didn't want to disturb Tal; her blood sang in her and she had to go.

It was close. Really weirdly close. She made her way stealthily out and headed towards Reym.

As Orion stormed away from Bradley's bedroom her head begun to hurt. She ignored it at first, taking it as just another sign of how much the arrogant git really annoyed her, but the closer she got towards her bedroom the more the throbbing pain in her temple thudded against her skull. She paused for a moment and massaged her forehead gently before continuing along the corridor.

Her pillow received a proper thrashing for a good ten minutes before she had to lie down. Her head was still pounding and she felt a sickening pull behind her stomach that made her whole body erupt into queasy shakes. She lay with her head over the side of the bed for a while, trying to ignore it. She couldn't be that upset about it could she?

She lay around moaning for a solid half an hour before she heard a little tap at her door. Groaning she got to her feet and padded across the room, pulling on her pyjama shorts to make herself slightly more presentable should it be Blackwell. But it wasn't Blackwell at all.

"Zydrie?" she asked, a little bit dazed from feeling sick and exhausted. She waved her arm in a sort of 'Enter, I guess' motion and pulled back the door to allow her friend into the room.

Zydrie didnt walk in though. She looked at Ri with a very weird, puzzled stare,

"You?" she said and shook her head. The tangled head bounced around wildly. "No, no, no, sorry I think I'm just way too tired. What time is it anyway? Sorry really sorry were you asleep, oh a Palvadean practice hoop!" she suddenly pounced on an orange ring which was flung across several layers of clothing on the floor. "Awesome," she grinned. "Can I borrow?"

She jumped up and clapped Ri on the back....and wished she hadn't. Another jolt, even stronger than before hit her and she retched slightly.

"Who the hell are you?" she demanded accusingly. "And what have you done with Ri?"

Ri didn't know whether it was because she had stood up too quickly, or whether it was because she was just standing up, but her headache had certainly gotten worse. She stared at Zydrie for a moment, bleary eyes not really focusing what was going on. She looked just as confused as she felt. She glanced down at her watch and the face and hands swam together causing her to blink a few times. "Um, late?" she offered unhelpfully.

She followed Zydrie across the room to where the bright orange hoop was lying in a heap of last week's practice gear and Python t-shirts. She'd meant to take it to the next Thestral practice, but now she was off the team that didn't seem likely. She frowned as Zydrie picked it up but nodded. "Fire away," she grinned.

In the next moment she wished she hadn't said anything. Zydrie clapped her on the back and she immediately had to fight the urge to retch. She staggered backwards, pushing Zydrie off her with a not so gentle shove. Her hand flew to her temple and her eyes squeezed shut against the strength of her headache. "I am Ri!" she muttered. "What the hell are you doing to me?"

Zydrie knew it would pass. She remained on the floor, put her head into her hands and breathed deeply. Her head thumped and she could feel her blood swirling around every limb.

A few minutes passed, she swallowed and pulling herself together crawled over to Ri, being careful not to touch her this time.

"It's a family thing," she explained. "Female line stuff. But you're not family, so that's totally weird. I don't get it, there must be a link somewhere, I've never known it to be wrong before. I'll send some owls out later."

She mentally flicked over who she could safely ask. Probably Giedre was the safest bet. She certainly cared the least and was the least likely to get over excited by such an occurrence.

"Who's your mother?" she asked. "What's your line?"

Orion clutched the end of her bed post as Zydrie came towards her again, recoiling away to as safe a distance as she could manage in such a small room. The door hit her back and she had to make do with the little space between them for the time being. Her skin felt crackly, somewhere in between crispy chicken fresh from the oven and a total body static shock.

"...link?" she repeated back, confused. Her head cocked to one side and her eyes narrowed, looking at Zydrie with a distinct squint. Maybe she'd gone crazy, just like her mother. On that point.

"She's a secretary from Stevenage!" she said dismissively, sticking out a foot in her direction as a barrier just in case.

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