Fri Jun 29, 2018 17:20

The mist of pamirsta twisted its cloudy folds round each stranger to Anyskai and muffled their senses. Dancing it toyed with them and each in turn heard something they wished they had not. The dance of pamirsta.

Eventually it tired and they stumbled through to where Zydrie waited, her restless energy somewhat restricted by the bunch of flowers in her hands which she wasn't at all sure what to do with. No one had given her flowers before. It was almost like she was a grown up or something. Weird.

  • AnySkai- Arrivals - Lys Bear, Fri Jun 29 17:19
    So many people had accepted, Zydrie felt very proud if a little anxious. She'd never been allowed friends to stay before, although in fairness she'd never actually asked. It was kind of an unwritten... more
    • Pamirsta - Fog, Fri Jun 29 17:20
      • Intros - Team AnySkai, Fri Jun 29 17:26
        She was a welcome sight after what had just happened. Thom paused, too look behind him. Grace was still there, with the clenched jawed that said she was in Big Sister Mode and not about to admit that ... more
        • A treehouse - Team Anyskai, Fri Jun 29 17:36
          Tal gave Zydrie a hug. "Thanks so much Zyd, it's a beautiful house," she whispered in her ear. "Got you something special give it to you later." She kissed her friend and gazed up at the vaulted... more
          • Blood hungry trees - Team Anyskai, Fri Jun 29 18:02
            The sprites green eyes glowed at the opportunity to serve and bowed it's little head gracefully. "Breakfast will be served shortly," it offered. "Allow me first to show you to your rooms." Dutifully... more
            • In the House - Team Anyskai, Fri Jun 29 18:06
              It had been an hour at least since Ri stormed out with Zydrie bouncing after her. Neither Schuler nor the remaining Hardy looked in the slightest bit concerned and Talora was still slightly shaking.... more
            • In the Forest - Ri, Fri Jun 29 18:04
              "Stupid trees," Ri grumbled as her boot snapped and crushed over twigs on the forest floor. "Stupid dagger. Stupid sap. Stupid people." It was all stupid but the most stupid thing was Zydrie. Zydrie... more
              • Eladas - Ri, Fri Jun 29 18:13
                Ri practically felt her insides leave her skin as a loud crack shook the little clearing. She thought she screamed but maybe that was just her ears ringing. When she looked round a boy dressed in... more
    • What's your line? - Zydrie, Fri Jun 29 17:19
      The jolt lurched through her body and physically woke her up. Zydrie sat up in bed and clutched at her stomach. She felt physically sick but she was aware that it would pass soon enough. It had been... more
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