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A treehouse
Fri Jun 29, 2018 17:36

Tal gave Zydrie a hug. "Thanks so much Zyd, it's a beautiful house," she whispered in her ear. "Got you something special give it to you later." She kissed her friend and gazed up at the vaulted entrance ceiling where interwoven branches formed a shifting pattern of scenes. On the wall an ancient relative blew his nose forcefully and harumphed loudly.

Grace movved to catch up to Troy and nudge him in the back. She and Troy had talked about the sort of guy Talora preferred. Obviously he hadn't listened.

Thom followed just behind her and immediately ran into his sister's back as he looked up.
" See now, this is what magical places are supposed to look like."

"Uh huh." Grace was looking for a window. "Can our parents see us from here? Or's all that mist hiding us from 'em?"

Thom rolled his eyes " Can you not?"

" I'm not letting him think you were eaten by a tree."

Stuck at the back of the line, Leo grumbled something about pretty boys and tried to cut ahead to get between Troy and at least one of the girls. No luck, he was stuck beside Thom right up until they reached the room with the vaulted ceiling.

Orion trailed in last, eyeing up the walls suspiciously. She was sure they were whispering about her as she passed - but all paintings did that. They must be bored out of their minds most of the time.

"Someone say eat?" She asked as they came to a stop in a little circle.

Do you think about anything else?" Grace huffed.

Ri shrugged. "When I'm not hungry."

"Check your pockets."

Ri patted her pockets. Her excited look became one of frustrated confusion. Grace's look echoed hers, before she rolled her eyes.

Muttereing something about Randy's stupid lessons, she reached into her own inner jacket pockets. Bingo. She gave Ri wry smile, then dipped Ri's chin down with one hand to unceremoniously shove a pocketful of jelly snakes into her mouth with the other.

" Thanks!" Ri managed around the mouthful.

Leo feigned a sudden interest in the vaulted ceiling to move his way around the circle, coming to a stop between Troy and Talora. He squeezed her hand affectionately, wondering if the uneasy feeling came from being dizzy, from Troy or from something else.

"Wow," he forced himself to say. "This is amazing Zydrie. How long have your family lived here?"

"You know like um forever," Zydrie shrugged. "My family aren't really here much so just yeah do whatever you like really. I guess except for the pictures that are facing the wall, yeah like don't turn them round. Oh and the third bedroom on the left on the fourth floor doesn't like anyone. It's nothing personal." She shrugged. "Want anything just touch the bark with your wand. One of the tree sprites will come."

Two pairs of Reym ears perled up at the mention of forbidden territory. The owner of one pair tried to say something without choking on jelly snakes. Thom stepped forward at tapped a convenient branch.The air before him wavered and a tiny sprite appeared before him with an expectant look.

" Uhm...hi." he began. Then relaised he had nothing to ask. He looked at the others and pointed to Ri. " She's hungry."

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