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Blood hungry trees
Fri Jun 29, 2018 18:02

The sprites green eyes glowed at the opportunity to serve and bowed it's little head gracefully. "Breakfast will be served shortly," it offered. "Allow me first to show you to your rooms."

Dutifully the group followed the sprite up the winding staircase, peeling off in pairs to their respective rooms. Once they had dropped their bags and changed from their travelling clothes they assembled again for breakfast.

It was served in a long thin room beneath one of the trees thick roots. It arched over a wide window that looked out first towards sparse woodland and then the dense forest beyond.

"Guy on the bus said your woods are full of monsters," Ri grinned as she helped herself to a giant plate of everything on offer. "You got hinkypunks or something more exciting?"

"You name it we got it. You can't name it we got it too," Zydrie grinned back. "Monsters is about right."

She yanked an ancient dagger off the trunk wall; time for a Danuliete party trick. "Check this out," she said and slashed the dagger down her arm. She screamed in real pain as the blood poured out, but then immediately touched her arm on the bark. Girl and tree mingled as black sap poured out over the wound.

Zydrie removed her arm and showed it to her friends. She laughed excitedly. She never had anyone to share these things with. Her arm had no mark or blemish.

Grace paused in the process of putting sugar on her brothers toast to watch the trick. Thoughts began crowding her head. With a glance at Leo to make sure he also saw it he she asked " That a benefit from the monsters or can anyone do that?"

"It's a blood thing," Zydrie shrugged. "Family female line stuff as usual. My family's a bit crazy about that stuff but whatever.

" Yeah." Grace said, coming over to look at the tree that had been prt Zydrie for a few seconds. " All your trees do it? Or is it a one tree, one family thing and that's why your forest is full of monsters?"

Leo caught Grace's look and knew without checking what it meant. How could they use that. With a slight raise of the eyebrow he encouraged her to prod further.

"They all do it," Zydrie said. "Some are better at it than others though. When I was little Eladas was always hurting me just to make me isgyti - that's what the tree thing's called. Once he nearly beheaded me. Mum was not impressed."

" What's an Eladas?"

" Quit poking it" Thom called " it might have heard about you from school and bite your hand."

" Shuddup and eat your toast." She muttered. A glazed look came and went in her eyes. " Ri, three Galleons if you do it."

Ri mulled over the proposition for the precisely three seconds it took her to swallow her last bite of bacon sandwich. Beaters didn't have any nerves left in their arms after a few years so she figured the worst that could happen was a cool scar.

"Come on girls," Troy rolled his eyes. "Can we have one holiday where you don't try to kill each other?"

Leo said nothing which Ri would have thought weird only he didn't like words so much any more.

"Done!" She nodded, bounced up front her seat and took the dagger from Zydries hand before she had time to protest.

A quick flick of her wrist and a long thin slash across her forearm began oozing and pulsing with blood. Merrily she held her arm out to the tree and instantly wishes she hadn't

Black sap and red blood oozed together until there was no trace of the mark left on her arm. "What the hell?" She muttered to herself as something static pickled the hairs on the back of her neck.

"Hardy boy? Wanna? Ooo, or your Tal? Maybe just a little cut though. "

Zydrie blanched. All merriment instantaneously wiped away. "I freaking knew it. You're a Danuliete girl," she said unthinkingly. "Who are you?"

She'd forgotten her best friend. Talora turned her slender face in horror
"A what girl? Did you just say what I thought you said Zyd?"

Ri rolled her eyes at the two of them, white faced and shocked looking. She rubbed away the static on her neck and pouted.

"Would you stop with that already? It's just a magic tree doing magic things! Look,"

Before thinking she took the dagger and sliced along the back of Taloras hand. Troy and Leo found this particularly offensive but she held them off with a glare and held Taloras hand against the tree.

And the tree did nothing. No magic black sap thingy. Nothing. The veins along the back of her hand pumped hot red blood. Tal screamed.

"Orion!" Leo yelled, lurching forward to take Taloras hand from hers. He had intended to do something about the wound but he was too angry to think of the smell and like always Troy had gotten there before him.

From one of those many pockets traders seemed to have he took out a small glass jar containing an olive green balm. In an infuriatingly smooth move he took Taloras hand from Leo and gently rubbed the balm into the cut. In a few seconds there was nothing but a spatter of blood to show that anything had happened. "Magic," Troy grinned at her.

Orion meanwhile was staring at her arm then back to the tree then back at her arm. "Huh," was her only response - then. "Well. I'm out. You guys enjoy the creepy tree." Without another word she turned on her boot and stomped out of the house.

Grace watched the scene with mild interest. "Gotta tell ya, Vashkaite, you throw a hell of a breakfast."

Zydrie frowned. How had Grace gotten herself invited anyway? But she had more important things to deal with like Orion or whoever she was.

"Ri!" She yelled and hurtled down the rickety stairs jumping to avoid the eighth one from the bottom. "Wait up we seriously need to talk. This is major you really have no idea."

Tal looked at her hand and smiled weakly at Troy. "Thanks," she said softly. He was still holding her hand which was awkward but everything considered she couldn't think of a way to extract it politely. It was still throbbing slightly. That Hardy girl was weird. Also violent. She could hardly believe she was Leo's sister he was always so gentle and considerate.

"Did anyone else hear what Zydrie said? She said Danuliete right?" She looked round at them all.
The Schuler kids nodded, Thom coming over to stand with the group. " It's another old magic family. So?"

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