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In the House
Fri Jun 29, 2018 18:06

It had been an hour at least since Ri stormed out with Zydrie bouncing after her. Neither Schuler nor the remaining Hardy looked in the slightest bit concerned and Talora was still slightly shaking. That left Troy to be worried that the two youngest girls had traipsed off into the forest specifically known for its monsters and no one else wanted to admit the problem.

"We should go after them right?" he suggested eventually. "I mean...Zydrie said herself that those woods are full of monsters and at least one of those kids has a habit of getting kidnapped."

Leo frowned and tried to sense if his sister was nearby but something about the mist still lingering on the ground was blocking him. To him it was like the only people who exisisted were the ones in the room with him. "You know what they're like," he said finally. "They'll have yelled at each other for a bit then hit some bludgers and forgotten the whole thing. Whatever the whole thing was."

" Besides Ri's what, 13? If she can get herself out of a kidnapping by now..." Grace said she was looking over one of the tyrned over frames, trying to see what was on the otber side without actually touching it.

"Danulietes." said Thom.

" What of 'em?"

" That's what the whole thing is. The Danuliete family." Four older pair of eyes gave him a blank look. " An Annotated History of Hogwarts?" Nothing. " Colin Hayes's Magical Lineage and Influence?" A raised eyebrow from someone. " Really? None of you read history? I know, I know " he said as Grace opened her mouth " 'The books are wrong.' But if they weren't than it would explain why she keeps getting kidnapped. "

" But the books are wrong" Grace insisted. She took a penknife from an outside coat pocket and began to wedge it in the small place between the frame and the wall. Talpra whimpered. Grace grunted and put the knife away. " Even if they weren't," she continued " Vashkaite can probably handel it better than we can. They're her monsters. They'll be back in time for dinner at the latest."

" That's the second you've called Zydrie by the right name. " Thom said suspiciously.

She shrugged and lied. " I been practicing. "

"So no is what you're all saying?" Troy sighed, slinging himself back into a chair. It was as close to Talora as he dared get without Leo getting suspicious. Though right now Leo seemed to be more interested in what Grace was doing, holding the panel steady so she could her knife under the frame.

"Well I didn't come here to be bored out of my mind. I could have done that at my house." He paused to flash a grin at Talora. "Who's up for some gin?"

"That's your answer to everything," Leo tutted.

"Actually my answer to everything is yes," he grinned. "But right now it's gin. Miss deBlack?"

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