Fri Jun 29, 2018 18:13

Ri practically felt her insides leave her skin as a loud crack shook the little clearing. She thought she screamed but maybe that was just her ears ringing. When she looked round a boy dressed in black with an amused sneer on his face, not unlike Leos, was staring back at her.

"Did I frighten you?" He cooed, disgust and amusement rolled into one.

"A bit," she nodded. Then, "What are you doing sneaking up on people like That?"

"Well let's see. You're on my land. In my forest. I should be asking you what you're doing trespassing."

"I was invited," she frowned.

"Not by me," he countered.

She tried to ignore the very uncomfortable shiver than ran from the base of her neck all the way to her toes. Something about him wrenched at her gut and made her want to run as far in the opposite direction as was possible. But she was stuck. Like a bunny in headlights his gaze had her rooted to the spot.

"Zydrie invited me. But I'm actually on my way out so if you just point me towards the road we'll both be happy."

A sinister chuckle. "You're miles from the road."

Ri looked off into the tangle of branches. "Can't be I only just left!"

"Everything's far except when it's near," said the boy. "It's a matter of perspective."

He smiled but it lacked all warmth. "This is Anyskai. Anyskai doesn't like strangers." He leant on a tree and strangely boy and tree seemed to meld together, fused for a moment; when he stepped away the skin on the right of his body was hard, scaly and mottled green and brown.

"I'd say you needed my help wouldn't you?" He stared disconcertingly long at her.

Ri looked suspiciously around the clearing as though her perspective would change. When she looked back at him he was smiling.

The way his arm touched the tree was something unnatural. She swallowed hard and readjusted the straps on her backpack, making sure not to get caught up in his gaze again.

"You and the trees are special friends, is that it?"
He shrugged but did not look away.

"The trees have their uses," he countered not rising to the bait. "But you have somewhere to be right? Don't let me keep you friend of Zydrone."

"Orion," she corrected him, like a reflex. "And I'm guessing you're one of her brothers. Don't know which but you've all got the same creepy vibe."

'Don't look,' she told herself. 'Don't look.' She focused on a point somewhere to the left of his ear.

A collection of voices started babbling through the trees and suddenly a change of tactic was all that stood between her and going back to that house, that tree and Zydries accusing stare.

"Alright, fine," she lowered her voice. "I do need help. Just to the road." He didn't say anything. "Please?"

  • In the Forest - Ri, Fri Jun 29 18:04
    "Stupid trees," Ri grumbled as her boot snapped and crushed over twigs on the forest floor. "Stupid dagger. Stupid sap. Stupid people." It was all stupid but the most stupid thing was Zydrie. Zydrie... more
    • Eladas - Ri, Fri Jun 29 18:13
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