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Why bad things happen to good people?
Wed Apr 21, 2010 15:41

There are several reasons and to find them takes a lot of study of the World's Scriptures and i find Near Death Experiences helpful as well.

The most obvious reason is "Karma" which is a spiritual law. A friend had a drinking problem and Baha'is warned him for years to stop drinking as it is a violation of Baha'u'llah's Laws. He didn't and now is a quadrelegic as a result of a DWI accident, but he blames God.

Baha'u'llah said "the wisdom of every command shall be tested" and demonstrative of that is AIDS and other STD epedimics sweeping many countries.

Second reason is spiritual challenges for individuals and societies. All of us have some challenges which can be opportunities for spiritual growth or they can make us bitter like the quadreplegic. We must thank God (even if not sincerely at first) for the opportunity for growth. I found when i did that, even without sincerity, i noticed immediate spiritual growth. Many others noticed the difference too.

God has blessed me to work with severely disabled children. Paul will always be very special to me as he could not sit up, roll over or talk but he could LAUGH and every time i passed him i would tickle him. Some say he has no purpose but he does. We need to love and cherish that little Soul and do all we can to make him happy. If we don't we fail our purpose in life.

Sharon cannot walk or talk because her drunk father kicked her in the head when she was eleven months old. She is a beautiful, happy child and she gives loves and laughs to all who will take the time to recieve her blessings. I thank God i am one and she will alwyas give me great joy.

Finally, we need to remember that God's perspective is eternal while ours is temporal. God will surely compensate for all of those who suffer in this world and please don't misunderstand, i do not take their suffering lightly. Their sufferings are my cross to bear. And somebody said "The reason God is in our hearts is so He can feel our pain, too."

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