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Why did God destroy Haiti?
Thu Apr 22, 2010 19:55

Larry King had a famous Christian minister on his proram and asked him the above question. I almost fell on the floor when he replied, "I don't know." Even more shocking was Pat Robertson's alleged statement that God was punishing Haitians for some alleged "pact with the devil" made hundreds of years ago. What a cruel God some Christians imagine!

Of course, nobody knows the exact reasons God does anything for sure but the question provides "food for thought". First, we must remember God's perspective is etrnal and ours may not be. But, it can be if we let it.

Some people point at the dead bodies in Haiti as evidence "God is cruel." as if using pictures of dead bodies to prove points is moral. Certainly, it is tragic! CNN showed a picture of orphans all of whom died in the quake but my mind would not process the faces. I just could not bear to see. They were too much like the students i've known and love. I cry thinking about them.

When little Mariah died of brain cancer in California the whole world seemed to have lost its beauty. And yet we know Mariah and all the people who died in that terrible earthquake are in Heaven except the most evil. Read Closer to the Light and Handbook of Near Death Experiences.

Okay, so God is taking care of them. They are happy. What about the "poor innocents" who are suffering? Perhaps some are being punished for sins they committed. Some are growing spiritually and as long as they keep turning to God they will grow spiritually. As i recall Baha'u'llah said 'Nothing can befall the loved ones of God save that which profiteth them.'

"On that day God will satisfy everyone out of His abundance." And He has eternity to do that and we all know how great Heaven is. If you don't you shall.

When CNN showed the first pictures of Haiti my thought was, "That is the last place on earth i would want to be." But as soon as i saw the children crying i realized i wanted to go, wanted to help. That desire was felt by so many millions of people all over the world they can't be counted.

And that is a big reason why the earthquake happened. It is the suffering that is welding mankind togrther. As a child, we didn't know much or care much about such things. NOW WE DO and we're doing something about it.

The people of the world are becoming less tolerant of seeing wars and natural disasters. We want to stop them.

    • Earthquakes, hurricanes aren't "Gods" - <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< greenman, Wed Oct 12 22:08
      They're natural phenomena, unless you're a raving idiot weighed down by superstition.
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