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Santa Clause
God on death row in the US?
Mon May 3, 2010 03:08

The whole concept of worshipping a god is just crazy when you give it a clear thinking through.
Say for the sake of the argument that there is a designer god.
Than it was never your responsibility that any of it happened, you didn’t ask for it you were not asked!
If we believe the believers you have to be happy about it that a creator created us but why?
If he “is” he wanted us we didn’t want him, we weren’t asked, we were told!
Now it is the same for children whom are born daily they had no say in that either and why should they worship their parents when both their parents aren’t really good parents, you simply wouldn’t worship them you would avoid them as soon as possible.
Now take a child, it makes mistakes fine that is a part of growing up the parents might tell him/her to behave but my bet is that the majority will ignore that and experiment anyway!
And that they will break the rules you set for them, it is human nature to do so.
Now if you have good parents they will help the child through that time and they shouldn’t tell you the child that they will kill you if you break the rules and accentually murdered one because that little offspring turned out to be gay.
Yet God according to what some tell us did kill and even threaten and abused children off offending parents that broke the rules.
Well you might believe that stuff but it absolutely makes no sense and if the law could get to that god he is in many USA states on death row by now if not death already.

So keep your god do what you like but I would recommend to all of those that have death threats in their holy books remove those books quickly because there should be a law against such offensive material in a home or public place.

I rest my case.

Santa Clause

    • Where you fail is in not proving any - <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< ray, Mon May 3 14:40
      assumptions. In fact, there is ample evidence from death communication that GOD did ask us if we wanted to be born and under what conditions. If you want to refer to Holy Books, please quote them as... more
      • Holy books don't prove a thing - <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< greenman, Wed Oct 12 22:06
        Using their pages as toilet paper would at least make them somewhat more useful. As "knowledge" or "learning" they're useless, and don't prove a thing other than the ignorance of those who wrote them.
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