Director Adisynne Leppit
Auditions for Into the Woods!
Sun Dec 8, 2013 22:15

Clearly into her adulthood, Adisynne had managed to carry with her a childhood love for fairytales. She had absolutely adored tales like Little Red Ridinghood and Jack and the Beanstalk during her youth, and her mother had been coerced into rereading them to her night after night. Now as a parent herself, her old love had been renewed as she passed the stories on to her own child.

One night while reading her son to sleep on these fairytales, she was struck by the perfect idea for RMI’s musical: Into the Woods. It was a great show with a lot of decent roles; in fact, there were no non-speaking roles, and while two female roles had only one line, they could easily be paired with another role for one actress. That to the nineteen year old sounded like makings for success in a school musical.

Fliers announcing the date of auditions had been occupying the school for a few weeks now, and finally, the posted date had arrived. As the notices proclaimed and most people knew, the only thing needed was a memorized song to be sung a capella, and perhaps a monologue if they chose, though it was not necessary. Prospective cast members would perform for her and a few featured guests. Last year she had invited Headmaster Abbadi, and it had been fun, so she invited him once more. Additionally, she decided this year to invite the Deputy Head, Coach Shepard; the woman did not seem terribly interested in musical theatre, but Addi was pretty sure she was related to some of the usual auditioners or something, plus it was probably nice to be included. Rounding out the small panel was one Tycho Leppit, six-month-old lover of showtunes.

Also greeting the audition-goers would be the same sheet as quite literally every other year, borrowed from Garen and Abby, RMI's prior directors. While it asked for voice part, the Lyra alumna understood if some kids didn't know theirs. She didn't exactly know how to test their voices to find out, but she had done a decent job last year just based on what she heard from their audition song.

Voice part (if known):
Desired role(s):
Previous experience:

RMI's theatre program also provided opportunity for the musically inclined students whose talents did not manifest vocally. The pit band was a great option for kids who played instruments. Adisynne was very proud of this outlet existing for them. Pit band members-to-be also had a form to fill out.

Number of years experience:

For those claiming no talent whatsoever but still wanting to be involved, all was not lost. The tech department was always in need of people, and their form was the shortest of all.

Technical speciality:

Pretty sure everyone who intended to arrive had done so, Addi sent her assistants/guest out with papers. Coach Shepard handed out the audition sheets—color-coded for either actors, techies, or pit band members). At the same time, Headmaster Abbadi brought around a sheet with the cast members and voice types to give the actors an idea of the roles. Adisynne had not found a synopsis she liked to give out, but she figured she could explain well enough when the time came. "For those of you returning to RMI's theatre, welcome back. To all of you new here, welcome. I'm the director, and my name is Adisynne Leppit. Feel free to call me Addi. I like to keep things informal. I imagine by now you all know Headmaster Abbadi and Deputy Headmistress Shepard. Oh," and she added merrily, holding up the small child in her arms. "And this is Tycho." Her son cooed and offered what was either a wave or a flail, which Addi chose to interpret as the former.

"So this musical," she began, "is called Into the Woods. Essentially, it's what happens after fairytale characters get their Happy Ever After. The first act is pretty much the stories we know and love: Jack and the Beanstalk, Little Red Ridinghood, Cinderella..." The strawberry blonde paused. "It occurs to me that some of you who didn't grow up in the Muggle world might be a bit lost. You'll want to do some research on Muggle fairytales." She had no idea how much crossover stuff like that had between societies. "Anyway, act two is where things change. You learn that sometimes wishing does turn out so great."

Adisynne's tone became gravely serious as she proceeded. "Now, this play is a bit dark at times. A decent number of characters actually die. It might get heavy, and you might experience a variety of emotions. That is okay. We're all going to do this together, and that is what makes it a great show. That, and the astounding music. Stephen Sondheim is an absolute genius, ladies and gentlemen."

"There are actually like six leads: the Baker, Baker's Wife, the Witch, Jack, Cinderella, and Little Red Ridinghood. I guess the lead-leads though are those first three. Those are the ones you probably want. Still, a lot of people actually have leads. And," Addi said after a big breath, "There doesn't have to be kissing between the Baker and his wife, but it's really cute, and I want it. And Baker's Wife also has to kiss Cinderella's Prince, like, a few times. It makes sense, I promise. I guess if you aren't comfortable with that, don't go for those roles." She figured she ought to warn them at least; she didn't mind cutting the kiss or two between the Baker and his wife, but the wife and the prince kissing was kind of important.

Blue eyes darted across the faces of the students before her. She could hardly believe that it had now been three years since her last RMI musical. "Welp, that's it. Feel free to practice here until you're ready. When you are, come on back to the director's room backstage; the door will glow green if we're open for business or red if somebody's in there already. Musicians and techies, there's a box for your papers on the door. Everybody break a leg!" she concluded as she lead Headmaster Abbadi and Coach Shepard back, giggling quietly to herself as she mentally compared the three of them to American Idol judges. James was definitely Paula Abdul because he was so nice to everyone, and Coach Shepard was Simon Cowell because she seemed grumpy and intimidating. Addi supposed that made her Randy Jackson. Running a hand through Tycho's hair until it stood up, she declared him Ryan Seacrest.

OOC: Remember that you must use the forms in your audition/signup. A full post is not necessary for tecies and musicians, but you're welcome to give one to earn more points for your House.For the purposes of this audition, you are allowed to directly use lyrics from real life musical numbers, and you may include a video of the song if you want to, but it is not necessary. Please remember that younger actors’ voices have not changed yet, and keep your character's chose experience reasonableStick to site rules—length, rating, etc—and have fun! For an example of a good audition, check this out. Happy posting!

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