Demitri de Frčre
Having what it takes?
Mon Dec 9, 2013 16:19

As soon as he had heard that Rocky Mountain had a musical, Demitri had essentially devoted his time to practicing. Demitri sat on his bed cross-legged, strumming his fingers across the strings on his guitar. He supposed that it helped that he’d been playing the same song for weeks just because he couldn’t get it out of his head. It had practically been driving him insane when he wasn’t playing it. The song, however, wasn’t at fault, in fact it was a set or brown eyes and a musical voice that were. Demitri’s fingers stilled as the first day he’d arrived played over in his head. He smiled at the memory and shifted so his feet were dangling off the edge of his bed.

He drummed his fingers against the wooden surface of his guitar, reluctant to put it back in the confines of its case even if it was only from the Aquila commons to the Theater. Even if he couldn’t audition with it, he still liked to practice with it so that he didn’t mess it up. When he was singing, the chords he played on his guitar would often drift through his head. It was helpful if ever he lost his place on a song, he would just take off from where he recognized the music in his mind. The Aquila gently settled his guitar back into its case, making sure the locks clicked into place before he moved towards his door.

He made his way through the small throngs of people crowding the halls, fully focused on making it to the Theater in one piece. In that morning alone, the fifteen year old had managed to wrinkle his clothes to a ridiculous amount and he couldn’t even explain what had happened to his hair in that time. He’d changed his shirt after he’d eaten and thus far had managed to keep it neat. He’d settled for his dark jeans and a grey shirt topped (this time) by a black hoodie. Brown eyes were fixed on the black shoes as they hit the ground, bringing him ever closer to his audition.

When his pace finally stopped, he was standing outside the Theater doors. He stared at it for a few minutes, doubt creeping into his mind for the first time. Everything he had done musically flashed through his mind and he took a deep breath. There was every possibility that he wasn’t as good as he thought he was, considering the extent of things he’d done so far. His father had allowed him to take voice lessons for a certain time, but that didn’t really mean that Demitri had talent. He shook his head, brushing off the thoughts as he walked into the Theater and picked a seat. He listened attentively to what the director had to say and then proceeded to fill out the color-coded form he’d been handed.

Name: Demitri de Frčre
Year: 5th
Height: 5’11”
Voice part (if known): Baritone
Desired role(s): Baker, Cinderella’s Prince, anything really I’d just like a part.
Previous experience:

He’d left previous experience empty, not because he didn’t have experience, but because he didn’t have any that could be credible here. Most of what he had done he hadn’t earned; it had been given to him because he was royalty. Most of the time he had practically walked into the auditions and been handed the part, it didn’t matter if he was right for it or not. Because of that, Demitri was nervous yet excited to truly try out for something. The director wasn’t just going to hand over the lead to him because of who his father was, he had to prove that he was good enough to get a part in the play. It was what had caused his hesitation at the theater doors, for all he knew people told him he was good to pacify the royal family.

Whatever his talent level was, Demitri was confident in his own abilities and if it turned out that he wasn’t cut out for any parts, he’d be fine with that. He looked over to his guitar and decided against taking the time to practice with it. He would just stick around and fiddle with it once everyone else was gone. He hummed quietly for a while, not wanting to disturb anyone else’s practice. When the light turned green and a person popped out of the booth, Demitri stood up and walked over to where he was supposed to be. He faced the judges and took a deep breath. He could do this, and he would.

“My name is Demitri de Frčre and I’ll be singing ‘Falling Slowly’ from Once, it’s an adaption from a film, but I’m hoping it still meets the parameters of the audition.”

Demitri felt like he was putting his soul into the song as it left his lips. It probably wasn’t the best choice, in fact, the young man could think of a few other options that were better than what he had chosen, but no other song had held such emotion for him as he put into the lyrics of this one. Of course, he had a different audience in mind but it didn’t matter at that moment. All he knew was music and it was exhilarating.

OOC Note: The song Mitri sings:

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