Starr Colindale [Draco]
Almost like my comfort zone...
Mon Dec 9, 2013 18:05

Starr was more than used to performing although usually it was on street corners. Occasionally, in more organised and ritzier moments, it was in a shabby and wonky marquee, erected at some folk festival the family had arranged to provide entertainment at. This was a little different. This was a school play, in an actual theatre that stayed still and had walls and everything but it soothed his need to be doing something – something fun, something with an audience.

It didn't occur to him to feel nervous about the auditions. Sure, they were a bit of a new thing to him – he'd grown up learning various circus skills and, at some point or other, been deemed good enough at each thing to do it with a hat at his feet. But everything at school was new and you just kind of had to embrace it and go with it. It was just singing and being stared at, and that was nearest enough to his usual modus operandi that he hadn't given it much thought – if anything, it was practically comforting after a week or so of being told to sit still, hand in homework and do as he was told. Even if they thought he was no good, so what? That wasn't going to kill him. And, for all he knew, they were right. He sang around fires and usually drummed on whatever was handy but that tended to be pretty communal and fun. The most affirmative thing he could say was that no one's ears had ever bled and no one had ever told him to shut up, but – in the case of the latter – he didn't think that counted for much as they just weren't the type. He was vaguely disappointed that the auditions weren't going to show off his best skills but figured he'd find a way to mention them.

When the forms came round, he took one of each, not really sure where his skills lay (although, ideally, he wanted to be on stage. Still, getting a foot in this year as a set dresser or whatever might give him the opportunity to get in some good graces or learn some tricks of the trade). The backstage form was the simplest, in that he stated he could 'paint, fix stuff, whatever needs doing.' The musician one had added to it that he could play the spoons, cow bell or whatever was on hand to hit. He added 'drumming' in inverted commas as this broadly described the general action of what he did but he wanted to make it clear that he didn't mean the actual instrument. For the years of experience... He could just always remember doing it. He guessed he must have been about two before he started holding onto stuff and hitting other things with it in any kind of meaningful way so he put '12-ish.' The actual audition form was far more complicated. Let alone not knowing his voice part (which it said he didn't have to), he wasn't really sure how tall he was. His mom measured him when she was making clothes and he wracked his brain, trying to think of the numbers she'd mentioned when attempting his school robes (they'd come out more or less like the uniform of RMI was supposed to look) but the trouble was she rattled of so many numbers during that process and, given that the garment only rand the length of his back, his full actual height might have been the one thing she hadn't mentioned at any point. He shurgged and wrote 'medium' on the form, as he was not aware of particularly being very much taller or smaller than most of his classmates. He put 'any' for desired role. The last box was by far the easiest, and gave him a chance to detail the experience he'd wanted to tell Addi about. 'Grew up in performing family. Experienced at juggling of all types and tumbling/clowning,' he wrote happily.

He didn't really see how he could practise in a room full of people who would all be singing other songs, and so followed the staff through into the audition room, handing the sheaf of papers over to the theatre director before beginning his song. It was an old wizarding folk song – the audition fliers hadn't specified any particular genre of song and these were really the only kind Starr knew – that told of a girl who spent her life scrying and trying to foretell the future, to the extent that she forgot to live in the world and grew old with no great joy or adventure coming to pass in her life. Although Starr was fond of the idea of divination, he liked the song's message of remembering to live in the moment and appreciate what was going on around you. He sung tunefully enough, although in a very rough and clearly untrained way. His song didn't have the polish of a theatre performance but sounded like someone merrily carousing by a fire. Only, at that present moment, he happened to be standing on a theatre stage instead.

“Thanks... and see you,” he nodded, as he finished, feeling awkward for the first time since he'd come in, purely because he was unsure of the correct protocol for ending such a moment. Normally there more songs or stories. He exited the audition room, giving a friendly smile to the person waiting to go next.

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    • Almost like my comfort zone... — Starr Colindale [Draco], Mon Dec 9 18:05
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