Riley Finn (Lyra)
A final go!
Wed Dec 11, 2013 19:05

Riley Finn sat in his dorm room, staring at his vanity. Today, was the last time he would be auditioning at RMI, after this term he’d be auditioning on Broadway. He brushed his brown hair into his old style, slicked and to the side. He was clean shaven for once, usually the sixteen year old sported a five o'clock shadow which was actually more like a two day shadow. He got out a pair black slacks, a white t-shirt. He put them on and then pulled on a blue long sleeved dress shirt. On top of that he put on a grey sweater vest and of course a matching blue bow tie. The sixth year hadn’t wore an outfit like this since he was a fourth year, but it felt good. It felt right.

He stowed his wand in his back pocket, and walked out of his dorm room happily. He whistled as he made his way down into the Theater. He smiled at some of the younger kids, plopped down and filled out his sheet with a flourish.

Name: Riley Finn
Year: Sixth (and last)
Height: 6’2
Voice Part (if known): Tenor
Desired Role(s): Baker, or Jack.
Previous Experience: Outside of school a few parts, Shrek - Big Bad Wolf and a hundred other people! Gaston - Beauty and the Beast Kenickie - Grease.

He waited for a few people to go, he already knew he would be facing his best friend, and the child who was sort of named after him. Plus, Riley had helped Tycho switch to bottles. So, he was happy to wait. Finally, the sixteen year old walked into the back. He walked in and smiled, immediately Tycho cried out reaching for Riley.

Riley greet the adults in the room, and he promptly took the baby in his arms. “Hey guys, I’m Riley Finn.” he was sure most of them knew him but he figured the Headmaster would need reminding. “I will be singing Someone Else’s Skin from Catch me if you can.” He smiled at them.

“Ready, Ty?” He asked the baby in his arms.

Tycho cooed and instead of singing to the adults all of his attention was on the little boy. The song started out slowly. “There’s no phone booth, There’s no phone booth There’s no cape There’s no Steve McQueen To help me make my great escape. How can I fly Like a hero in the sky? Be a shooting star Out in the stratosphere Where’s the shadow? He might know Where’s that searchlight In the sky to point the way to go? Through some new cloud To disappear into the crowd Though the future’s dark There’s one thing crystal clear...That there’s no home here.

He paused, the song took a bit of break here while the music began to wind up and the adults in the play were trying to make Frank choose a spot. Tycho made the face he usually made when Riley stopped singing but Riley hushed him with a smile, and he sang one line. So many voices telling me to choose

He waited for the beat again, Tycho looking confused at him. “It’s like a game where either team, I lose Tycho cocked his head to the side and giggled. This kind of noise just makes me want to shout

Riley’s voice was starting to speed up. “I’d like to buy a one-way ticket out He paused again and Tycho flapped his free hand, wondering what the older boy was doing. Rules of the road say don’t look back Eyes straight ahead, don’t jump the track Try a new game

“And pray that I can win He grinned at Tycho glad the song he had chosen started out like that.

“Cause I just don’t feel at home in mine So I slip now Into someone else’s skin At this point the song picked up and Riley began to dance with the young boy in his arms.

I see the maps from every book I’ve read The worlds that I have lived inside my head I thought a love like theirs could never die If that can fade away, then so can I He turned his attention from the boy and to the adults.

At first you see me, then you don’t Don’t look for me, you know I won’t Even be there So let the games begin ‘Cause I just don’t feel at home in mine So I slip now Into someone else’s skin Into someone else’s skin He planted a kiss on Tycho’s head and deposited him into Addi’s awaiting arms.

I’m gonna run down the street Run outta town I’m gonna run from the home team And never touch down Run from the books ‘cause it’s all been a fake I’m gonna run from the choices that I don’t wanna make School’s not out, but I can’t wait It’s the perfect time to graduate Those lyrics hit close to home, Riley could relate to them. He was ready to graduate.

Today I’m gotta run away now I’ve got to run away I know they’ll see the truth when I move on They’ll need each other much more once I’m gone And then I’m flushed and he’s back on his feet I’ll pick him up and ride down easy street No time to cry for all the years A musty gas tank full of tears Gets you nowhere Not the places I want in ‘Cause I just don’t feel at home in mine So I slip now Into someone else’s skin, He held the last note perfectly and he smiled when he finished.

He left the room with a smile, glad that Tycho could be here for his last audition at RMI.

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