Reece Campbell
Fri Dec 13, 2013 22:56

The office door stared at him, a glowing green field that illuminated the angles of his face and cast a thick shadow along one side of his nose. Many things at RMI meant different things than they did in the Real World, including the theoretically most unambiguous details, like colours. Colours should only have one meaning, but they didn’t. A certain shade of green could mean that whatever species of plant they were studying in Herbology was ready to start talking or laughing or burrowing itself into the ground or something equally ridiculous, whereas green smoke could mean that their potions were done brewing - not that Reece had ever managed to make it to that stage; his potions had a vaguely irritating habit of boiling over, or simply not boiling in the first place, and if he cared enough to pay attention to his grades, he was pretty sure he’d find himself flunking the class.

But in this particular instance of the green door, green meant the same thing it did in normal society: go. Red for stop, green for go. Green meant it was time for him to audition. More specifically, green meant that it was time for him to audition in front of Warrior Addi, which meant that his throat had gone dry and his audition form was shaking between his hands, and the lyrics of his song had, once again, just like last year, vanished entirely from his head. Ruddy heck, what song had it been? He couldn’t remember how it went. Exhaling grumpily, the lanky boy turned to the person standing behind him in line. “You go ahead. I forgot something.” ‘Forgot something, aye, real smart of you to forget the one reason why you were here.’ He was supposed to sing and he could have forgotten literally anything else, but instead, he’d forgotten what he was going to sing! One tiny thing lost and poof, now his audition was practically over. He seriously had to start bringing note cards with him… Then again, he had made note cards last term, and he’d somehow managed to forget how to read them whilst standing under the intimidating stare of his idol, so lyric note cards probably wouldn’t have been much more helpful this term, either.

Name: Reece Campbell
Year: Fourth
Height: 5’9
Voice Part: Male or whatever
Desired Role(s): A non-singing role, please.
Previous Experience: Eugene Florcyzk (Grease)

Looking over his audition form was partially reassuring. At least he could still read the bloody thing this term. It was also partially discouraging, because he could still read it, therefore he should have brought lyric note cards because he’d’ve still been able to read them, too! Then it wouldn’t matter that he had forgotten the song again! Then he could have read off the note cards! And that was kind of like cheating, but in his opinion, it would have been acceptable cheating, because this was just a musical audition and didn’t actually matter in the Real World. The other discouraging part about the audition form was that, in the time it took for him to read it and then mentally berate himself for his continued stupidity, head shaking, shaggy black locks flopping across to hide his irritated gaze, the door had turned green again, and since there was no one else behind him at the moment, he had no choice but to go in.

Maybe if he sung badly and messed up the song, not quite so badly as to be rejected outright, just… badly enough... maybe Warrior Addi would offer to give him private vocal lessons again? Hmmm. It was a tempting thought. And equally non-tempting, because honestly, his singing sucked plenty to begin with, in his humble opinion, and sounding bad wouldn’t exactly take him a lot of extra effort.

Reece was expecting to see The Enemy seated in the office with Warrior Addi and had been bracing himself for the sight, but having arrived late to the theatre and paid very little attention to the instructions, since he already knew them, he was rather taken aback at realizing that there were more people in the office than he had expected. “Uh.” Grey eyes blinked at the four. Along with Warrior Addi and The Enemy, there was also the Quidditch Henchmistress, undoubtedly evil despite her deceptive innocent-sportsy-person appearance, and Warrior Addi Junior/Ginger Tycho Brahe Namesake (a name which the fourth-year wholeheartedly approved of for its Science connotations, though he had to admit that he had been secretly hoping she would name her son after Reece himself instead, but oh well). “Uh, uh, hullo, here’s my Reece,” he managed to get out before blinking. “I mean… here’s my form… my name’s Reece… Did I say hullo already?”

With awkward desperation, he shoved the paper at whomever happened to be closest to him and proceeded to turn around again to leave. ‘Oh right, the song!’ “Bugger,” he grumbled to himself, spinning back around fast enough to whack one of his long arms into the desk. “Sorry, sorry!” Trying to help straighten up whatever he might have knocked off the desk, Reece arbitrarily latched onto the first song that occurred to him - which happened to be some Disney song, though he couldn’t for the life of him recall which one specifically, as they were all rather mixed up in his head; his little sister was a Disney nut and had made him watch marathons of their old VCR collection over the summer. In a frenzy, he belted out the lyrics, voice cracking somewhere in the middle and plunging him into ranges that he hadn’t thought were possible, and in an equal frenzy, he bolted from the office when his time was up, almost tripping over his own feet in the rush to leave this place of awful embarrassing experiences behind. Ugh, why did these things always have to happen to him?

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