Melinda Brogren
Sat Dec 28, 2013 00:04

Every year, Melinda looked forward to being in the play. She wanted to be on Broadway some day and for her, auditions would always be part of life. The Lyra knew that she better get used to them and being in the school musical was important for the experience. She'd never gotten to be in them before, her family didn't have time for any community theater or other activities. She hated the lack of opportunities and money she'd had over the years. Now Melinda had to work hard to overcome those obstacles with natural talent and moxie.

Apparently, this year they were going to be doing more fairy tale stuff. She sighed inwardly, she wanted to do something more...mature. Still, experience was experience and the fourth year wanted all she could get. Also, though Melinda didn't like to admit it to herself because it meant changing her mind, she'd had fun with the previous plays. Of course, Grease did have mature themes with Rizzo thinking she was pregnant. Besides, acting was just plain fun. Not that she had this desperate need to be someone else, because she really liked who she was but it was something she enjoyed, was good at, and wanted to do for the rest of her life.

She took the whole thing very seriously, and this was the year she wanted to start going to the bigger parts. Honestly, though the previous parts she'd gotten hadn't been exactly what she wanted, it did show her versitality as an actress. As initially uncomfortable that she had been with playing a male role, Lefou was an impressive role. She'd have more complaints last year ironically even though she was playing a female, because a younger student had beaten her out for a better part-though she hadn't seen that student being signed up this term-which was the only thing that truly bugged her about playing Patty Simcox while a younger student played a Pink Lady. Melinda had been far more annoyed that Grace hadn't gotten Sandy, which was a role she'd been born for. The Cetus had basically lost the role because Allison Miles was a seventh year, even though she totally didn't look the part of Sandy.

The utter hypocrisy of being beaten by a second year was not lost on her. Her sister was denied the role she deserved because someone older signed up, but Melinda lost a better part to a second year? How was that fair to either Brogren sister? She couldn't even blame Lyra bias, when Allison Miles had been a Draco. Were they being taught a lesson that even though their cousin was DH they were deliberately not getting the best parts, deserved or not? Totally reverse nepotism.

She took a sheet and filled it out.

Name: Melinda Brogren
Year: Fourth
Height:5" 2'
Voice part (if known): Mezzo
Desired role(s): Baker's wife, Witch, Lucinda, Florinda, Cinderella's Stepmother
Previous experience: Lefou, Beauty and the Beast, Patty Simcox, Grease

She had decided to try out for any lead or secondary role that fit her voice part though admittedly the two leads were probably a long shot. Melinda looked around the room at the girls who were older than her. There was Grace of course and that one group of fifth year girls that seemed to hang out together minus Patience Anders. One of whom was Aoife McGuire whom the Lyra didn't think had ever even tried out before, so being only one year younger, Melinda probably had a shot against her. Yeah, the Cetus was older, but Melinda had more experience. (If Aoife had pre RMI experience, she would have tried out before and it was possible that she joined simply because Strawberry and Olivia did.) Then there were three firsties and Carrick's little sister, whom Melinda could probably beat. At least she sure as *apple* hoped so. The Lyra would die a little inside to get a walk on role while they got to be the stars or at the very least secondary roles.

Curiously missing was Anjali Sorenson, the little second-well, now third-year who'd apparently upstaged her last year, even though Melinda was certain she'd been much better. The fourth year could not say this upset her too much. The suggestion that that girl was better than her was just...insulting.

Addi-it was hard to think of someone who had been her sister's classmate by a proper title like director or professor or even Miss, child or not-began to explain the play in a little more detail. Apparently, there was a dark aspect, which made it a bit better. That meant more mature themes rather than just a children's story. It even involved death. So it wasn't necessarily happily ever after for everyone but villains. Plus, there was kissing. Melinda didn't object to that in the least. She would immensely enjoy that part if she got one of those roles. After all, it was just acting and any professional actress had to be ready to do those sorts of things.

And Cinderella sounded perfect for Grace. Kind of like Sandy last year and Melinda seriously hoped things went right this time. The Cetus even looked the part of Cinderella just as she had with Sandy.

As soon as Mikey Lawrence finished his audition, Melinda took the stage. She had wanted to do so earlier, but every time she tried someone had beaten her up there. However, not it was her turn. "My name is Melinda Brogren and I will be singing "Brass in Pockets" by the Pretenders" and with that, she began to sing.

OOC-The lyrics to Melinda's song can be found here.

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