Charline Adler (with some Benjamin too)
I don't tolerate rudeness.
Fri Jan 3, 2014 10:52

From her position, seated beside him on the stool, Charline watched idly as his fingers pressed down on the keys of the piano, and took a large bit from the pear she held in her hand. The melody was one of her Maman’s favourites, it’s composer an ancient wizard whose name she had quite forgotten. Therefore it was no surprise that Benjamin had taken to playing it lately. He always seemed to be homesick and yet glad to be free of the restrictions parents brought at the same time. Really, the boy was impossible.

Charline no longer spent her days wishing to be home as she had in her younger years. The fourth year’s relationship with her parents only seemed to deteriorate with time. It was true that she still sought to please them however, the things they demanded of her grew each day. Soon their expectations would reach impossible heights and she might go mad altogether. Perhaps, her brother had the right idea, seeking distractions from feathered birds and remaining entirely ignorant of his position in the world. For him ignorance was truly bliss.

Although, she found it hard to find comfort in that. The Lyra was constantly seeking knowledge and refused to remain wholly in the dark. It would be time for him to face the nasty business of betrothals and responsibilities soon enough. Her uncle had promised to begin involving him in the running of the family business come the holidays and she did not think Benjamin would cope with the pressure well. As for herself, Charline was not allowed to be involved in these things which had been declared ‘man’s work’ and too stressful for a delicate lady, such as herself. She was building up her courage to approach Marcos and apologise for her cold and distant behaviour, but it was hard to do so with her pride always blocking the way.

The last note hung in the air for a moment longer, graciously pulling her from her thoughts. No smile or round of applause did she offer but the simple praise of, “Not too bad,” was enough to cause Benjamin’s lips to point upwards.

The Draco looked towards her, eyes eager, seeking reassurance, “Do you think I’ll be good enough for the play? I mean...I-I know I’m a bit rusty. We’ve got lots of time to practice, though!”

Charline was in a reasonably good mood and so when he spoke in German (despite her attempts to improve his English by increasing his usage of the foreign language) she chose to ignore it. She reached out and flattened his hair, watching with pleasure as he squirmed and pulled himself outside her reach.

“Mmh, I suppose you will do. But you better not neglect your studies because of this. At least the Student Government Association has it’s uses. I’m not sure how much I can approve of this theatre group.” Her English was perfect as usual however the fourth year’s accent was always more prominent when she was around her brother.

Benjamin was just opening his mouth with the intention of defending his extra activities when the Adlers both heard footsteps approaching. It was the elder of the two who turned to greet the person.

Pale eyebrows raised, Charline remarked irritably,“You know, eavesdropping is rude.”

    • I'd hardly call it rudeness.Ella Parker and TinTin, Fri Jan 3 15:20
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      • You wouldn't. That's the problem with your lot.Charline Adler (with some Benjamin too), Fri Jan 3 19:58
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