Ella Parker and TinTin
I'd hardly call it rudeness.
Fri Jan 3, 2014 15:20

"Sit," Ella ordered, using her finger to point at the cat. Chocolate eyes stared up at it's owner lovingly, yet the kitten did not sit. The Cetus tried again, but her tin-coloured kitten just gave a soft mew and began to nuzzle the brunette's shins with his soft head. Sinking to the floor in defeat, the twelve year old mindlessly stroked the restless kitten. The kitten was skipping, looking for excitement in the plain corridor as his owner would not entertain him. The Cetus was only four foot two, and she was dressed in only jeans, a white vest top with an unfastened red checkered shirt on top and some old trainers that were past their time. Her long brown hair, reached her elbows and was crawly tucked behind her ears.

It had been quite a quiet term so far for Ella, she had found nothing truly exciting to do, apart from helping Aoife campaign for HEI. She was Prop Mistress again for the musical, which seemed quite cool, though no one she really knew was a lead so she wasn't that excited for that either. Though she really did love being prop mistress and having the pleasure of opening and closing the curtain was cool as well. She had been trying to explain to people that without her opening the curtain, the show couldn't begin, though no one seemed to have fully believed her yet.

TinTin let out another protested moan before beginning to trot off down the hallway.

"Tin?" Ella called "TinTin?"

Following her kneazle, she realised they were heading towards the entrance to the Theater and at that thought music could be heard from the other side of the door. That is where Ella found her cat, sitting, curled up with his ear pressed up against the small crack between the doors. The muggleborn grinned and leaned against the wall, rocking her head slightly to the music. Soon enough it stopped and Ella and her furry companion paused, heads suddenly up, alarmed the music stopped. TinTin me owed in protest and both of them stood up and listened to see if anyone was going to start playing again. Only, Ella leaned against the door a little hard and opening it causing TinTin to flee into the Theater.

"TinTin," Ella hissed, not wanting to the kitten to get in the way of the pianist. Slowly walking in, it came apparent there were two people in the Theater, a boy and a girl by their voices.

"TinTin?" Ella hissed again before she heard the girl speak again.

“You know, eavesdropping is rude.” She didn't sound please, and Ella, emerging from the shadows, revealed herself.

"Um, hi!" She said cheerfully "Sorry, my kneazle's in here, I need to look for him."

She recognised the girl as Charline Adler, the girl was a fourth or fifth year, and from what she'd seen of her, she wasn't the friendly type. The younger boy on the piano, she gathered was her brother, and though he was distantly familiar Ella could not recall his name, though she knew he was in her year. She turned to the boy.

"You're really good at piano," She said "I wish I could play, but I don't think my parents would let me. Are you playing for the musical? I'm gonna be pulling the curtain and handle the props. You know, without me, the show wouldn't be able to happen because the curtain would be in the way! Plus props are pretty useful and Director Addi calls me Prop Mistress, which is also really cool. How long have you played for piano for? It must be really cool, oh, I'm Ella by the way."

The entire speech came out very fast and by this time, Ella found herself on the stage, smiling at the siblings.

  • I don't tolerate rudeness. Charline Adler (with some Benjamin too), Fri Jan 3 10:52
    From her position, seated beside him on the stool, Charline watched idly as his fingers pressed down on the keys of the piano, and took a large bit from the pear she held in her hand. The melody was... more
    • I'd hardly call it rudeness. — Ella Parker and TinTin, Fri Jan 3 15:20
      • You wouldn't. That's the problem with your lot.Charline Adler (with some Benjamin too), Fri Jan 3 19:58
        The appearance of the little girl caused Benjamin to stiffen beside her. Charline didn’t know if he’d suddenly become shy as girls began to make him feel all funny inside (but surely her brother... more
        • My lot? Seems a bit vague.Ella, Sat Jan 4 18:39
          “ Six years.” "Six years?" Ella exclaimed "Gosh, that's a long time to play the same instrument, don't you get bored?" It was probably a good thing that Mr and Mrs Parker hadn't signed up Ella for an ... more
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