Charline Adler (with some Benjamin too)
You wouldn't. That's the problem with your lot.
Fri Jan 3, 2014 19:58

The appearance of the little girl caused Benjamin to stiffen beside her. Charline didn’t know if he’d suddenly become shy as girls began to make him feel all funny inside (but surely her brother could do better than that) or if it was some part of him that understood the obvious class difference between her and them.

Charline couldn’t stand cheerful people. They were either putting on a great facade or too stupid to notice the reality around them. “You know, a person shouldn’t have a pet if they can’t look after it.”

However, she rose from the seat and walked across the stage with the intention of locating the cat. Charline liked cats didn’t mind cats and would look it over to make sure the silly girl was caring for it properly. Maybe it was better off out of her care and had made a bid at freedom? Sometimes she rather felt like running away herself.

She glanced back at her little brother to see him scuffing his shoe against the floor his expression pale as the girl complemented his music. She hoped this Ella wouldn’t inflate his head too much, arrogance was not an attractive quality. Benjamin appeared nervous around her, his voice quivering as he supplied short answers to her questions which were fired quickly, making it hard for him to keep up.

“Yes, I vill be playing.”

“ Six years.”

“Benjamin. That’s my sister. Charline.”

He sought her out as if hoping she knew some way to help him escape this encounter but Charline was not interested in that at the moment. If anything his unease peaked her curiosity and she would, if possible keep the three of them there until she figured it all out. Pleased with this decision, Charline felt like a fabulous role model to the younger ones as she inquired, “Where did you last see this...Tin, you call it?”

  • I'd hardly call it rudeness.Ella Parker and TinTin, Fri Jan 3 15:20
    "Sit," Ella ordered, using her finger to point at the cat. Chocolate eyes stared up at it's owner lovingly, yet the kitten did not sit. The Cetus tried again, but her tin-coloured kitten just gave a... more
    • You wouldn't. That's the problem with your lot. — Charline Adler (with some Benjamin too), Fri Jan 3 19:58
      • My lot? Seems a bit vague.Ella, Sat Jan 4 18:39
        “ Six years.” "Six years?" Ella exclaimed "Gosh, that's a long time to play the same instrument, don't you get bored?" It was probably a good thing that Mr and Mrs Parker hadn't signed up Ella for an ... more
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