My lot? Seems a bit vague.
Sat Jan 4, 2014 18:39

“ Six years.”

"Six years?" Ella exclaimed "Gosh, that's a long time to play the same instrument, don't you get bored?"

It was probably a good thing that Mr and Mrs Parker hadn't signed up Ella for an instrument, as the small girl was rarely able to concentrate on a particular subject for too long. Gosh, House Elf Initiative was probably the only thing she had thought about this year with out becoming bored of it! Though it was fun trying to help the poor creatures have a better life in such a prejudice world.

“Benjamin. That’s my sister. Charline.”

Benjamin and Charline, they were nice names and Ella liked Benjamin's funny accent too. Charline seemed to have one but it wasn't as broad as her brother's. Benjamin also had curly hair, which made her like him more. Not a day went by when Ella didn't wish she had the same texture in her hair. It hung around her head, wiry and straight, though Ella really wasn't bothered enough to start curling it and do something extra while washing her hair because she never gave much to her own appearance.

“Where did you last see this...Tin, you call it?”

"Oh, we were listening to Benjamin playing and TinTin ran in here. If you see him, he's grey and has brown eyes."

Ella, herself, poked around the stage and sides as she said this, calling her cat's name in a gentle voice.

  • You wouldn't. That's the problem with your lot.Charline Adler (with some Benjamin too), Fri Jan 3 19:58
    The appearance of the little girl caused Benjamin to stiffen beside her. Charline didn’t know if he’d suddenly become shy as girls began to make him feel all funny inside (but surely her brother... more
    • My lot? Seems a bit vague. — Ella, Sat Jan 4 18:39
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