Krystal Baitman
Not Defence Against the Dark Arts
Sat Jan 11, 2014 15:18

De Villiers was an idiot. Krystal had known from the start that he was an arrogant git with a rod up his backside but, in the last lesson she'd been in, he'd shown himself to be stupid. He'd thrown her out until she provided him with extra homework. What was her motivation for that supposed to be? She hated homework at the best of times and she hated his class. Being out of it was scarcely punishment. And she wasn't going to do extra punishment in order to get back to Hell.

It was a shame that the class wasn't first thing, which would have given her a lie in three mornings a week. Still, even with no one to hang out with, she found aimless wondering around the school preferable to sitting in a room being lectured by him.

Today, she'd found herself near the theatre and figured it was worth a look. People had been going on about being in the school play. It was something she would have considered beyond lame but Beka was doing it and she was her friend, so she was holding back on that.

She let herself in, her eyes widening. This didn't feel like being in a school. That, at least, she could get on board with. She strolled up the steps, noting the way her footsteps echoed as she got onto the stage. She glanced round a little nervously. She found it hard to suppress the sensation that she was doing something wrong, seeing as she nearly always seemed to be on someone's bad side. She brushed her hand over the deep red curtains. They were so soft and so heavy. She strolled across the stage and... still didn't get it. It didn't make her feel special or want to be there in front of a bunch of people, although it was kind of interesting to nose around. She was just going to wander off and see what was backstage when a voice caught her attention...

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