Riley Finn
Tue Jan 28, 2014 11:45

Riley Finn had started the school year pondering which of the five schools he would apply to. After eliminating Juillard, and New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts, since they were Muggle only programs, and eliminating The American Musical and Dramatic Academy for being centered in Los Angeles, Riley had applied to three schools, one against his will.

Rose Emery, had insisted her son apply to three schools and had given him the choice between Juillard and the New York Conservatory. He had chosen Juillard, along with his two choices of Tisch School of the Arts at NYU, and Columbia University School of the Arts. The rejection from Juilliard had come swiftly which was no surprise to Riley he had applied just for the rejection.

Over the midterm he had tried out for both NYU and Columbia. NYU had turned him down at the audition. The Witch who he had audition in front of had some really helpful hints for Riley and asked him to not graduate from RMI early and get another year of singing under his belt. Riley had left a bit down but it had been a good experience. At the Columbia audition, Riley had felt like he had gotten in. Especially since the Wizard there had thanked him and said he looked forward to seeing more of Riley.

Today, Riley was spending his free time going over some songs for Into the Woods in his spare time before rehearsals. He was in the middle of Maybe They’re Magic when his owl, Darby flew in clutching an envelope.

Riley, stopped and held out his arm, Darby landed on it and held out his hand. Riley untied the letter from his foot, petted him and let him go so he could go rest. Riley, thought it was probably a letter from Jacob, his dreamy boyfriend. Darby always picked up the letters that Jacob wrote and gave to Rose. Yet, this one was different. In deep purple Ink he saw his name and the address of RMI.

When he turned over the envelope he saw that it read Columbia University School of the Arts; Wizarding Branch His heart skipped a beat, and his hands began to shake. This was it. This would determine if he got to spend next year in New York City with Jacob and Alex, or if he was stuck here at RMI for another year.

He blew out a deep breath and slid his finger under the seal of purple wax. He began to worry his lip between his teeth as he slid the letter out slowly. The brown haired boy opened the letter and the he read.
“Dear Riley Finn,
Thank you for your application for admission to Columbia University. After careful consideration of all aspects of your application, we are unable to offer you....

He didn’t get in. Columbia had rejected him too. Tears welled in his eyes, and his legs felt like jelly. He was stuck in this school for another term! He was stuck in this place where he didn’t have a lot of friends, where he didn’t get to spend time with Jacob. He was just stuck!

Without really knowing what he was doing Riley screamed. He screamed and threw his book-bag across the stage. How could they not accept him? The tears spilled over and the sixth year sunk to his knees on the stage. He allowed himself to cry, and was just starting to wipe his tears away when he heard someone enter. He knew there was still a lot of time before rehearsals so he called out. “Can you give me a few moments please?” the person surely could hear that Riley needed some time alone right?

    • There are worse places to be stuckLogan Brophy, Tue Jan 28 20:39
      Christmas was amazing. Lia was doing all right—not as well as she could be, but Jimmy and John and Jimmy’s friend Zack mentioned that they Had A Plan, which could only help. Mom and Dad had finally... more
      • Yeah, I guess so. Riley, Thu Jan 30 20:20
        Riley looked up at the hoarse voice, surprised to see Logan standing over him. Riley had only heard Logan speak a handful of times and he was genuinely touched by the fact that Logan would speak just ... more
        • It’s not New JerseyLogan, Fri Jan 31 17:35
          Logan paused uncomfortably, waiting for Riley’s echo to die out. The fifth-year had practice dealing with drama—with the amount of female friends and relatives he had, and his “good listener”... more
          • But it's not New York!Riley, Sun Feb 2 11:46
            Riley smiled a bit sadly when Logan patted his shoulder. It was nice to know that Logan did actually care about Riley in some sort of odd way. The sixth year wouldn’t say he was close to Logan, but... more
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