Logan Brophy
There are worse places to be stuck
Tue Jan 28, 2014 20:39

Christmas was amazing. Lia was doing all right—not as well as she could be, but Jimmy and John and Jimmy’s friend Zack mentioned that they Had A Plan, which could only help. Mom and Dad had finally gotten him a harpsicle; she was green and had full levers and he’d named her Barbara Ann and proceeded to play “Barbara Ann” on her.

Best of all, Logan had been able to see Savannah for the first time since she’d had her cochlear implants installed. He’d played Barbara Ann (the harp, not the song) for her. Logan wasn’t sure what she would like—after all, she didn’t have much more than a few months’ exposure to real music—but he’d tried classical and Celtic and contemporary and jazz and he’d thought it went over well. Logan had gotten a little more used to talking (because Savannah had wanted to hear his voice, and he couldn’t really say no), and she said his voice sounded normal to her. He had a feeling she was just saying that or not (his voice definitely wasn’t normal, and from what he’d read about cochlear implants they didn’t conduct sound in a perfectly accurate way), but they’d mixed their normal signing conversation with speech anyway.

Now it was back to letter-writing and school and Quidditch and rehearsal. Logan liked RMI, he reminded himself, even if he disliked classes and not being able to go to Boston. Learning his songs for Into the Woods was his fourth favorite activity at school—behind playing the harp for his own enjoyment, sleeping, and writing Savannah and Lia—so he dutifully grabbed his sheet music and wand and decided it was time for a change of scenery.

Even with charms, moving his harp from the Lyra Common Room to the theater was a hassle. Logan had performed in the pit before, but he wanted to clearly mark his spot right away so the first violin (since they only had one violin) didn’t take it. Or worse—one of the percussionists. He didn’t see the point in having a dulcimer in the pit when they already had a harp. Dulcimers were just sideways harps that you had to hit instead of plucking.

Logan was so wrapped up in mentally berating dulcimers that he had already reached the stage when he realized someone was kneeling on it and sobbing. Oh, crap. Could he just walk away? Logan was no good at dealing with crying people. A very indignant part of him urged that since he had levitated his harp all the way from the Common Room (which wasn’t that far from the theater, but still), he couldn’t just turn around and go back. It wasn’t until the other boy spoke that Logan realized it was Riley—and since Logan was the older Lyra’s assistant captain, he felt like he had a responsibility to make sure everything was okay.

He set his harp gently at the base of the stage’s stairs and then mounted, crossing to Riley in a few seconds. Logan knelt next to him and, after a moment of awkward hesitation, decided not to put a hand on the upperclassman’s shoulder. “You okay?” he said hoarsely.

  • Stuck!Riley Finn, Tue Jan 28 11:45
    Riley Finn had started the school year pondering which of the five schools he would apply to. After eliminating Juillard, and New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts, since they were Muggle only... more
    • There are worse places to be stuck — Logan Brophy, Tue Jan 28 20:39
      • Yeah, I guess so. Riley, Thu Jan 30 20:20
        Riley looked up at the hoarse voice, surprised to see Logan standing over him. Riley had only heard Logan speak a handful of times and he was genuinely touched by the fact that Logan would speak just ... more
        • It’s not New JerseyLogan, Fri Jan 31 17:35
          Logan paused uncomfortably, waiting for Riley’s echo to die out. The fifth-year had practice dealing with drama—with the amount of female friends and relatives he had, and his “good listener”... more
          • But it's not New York!Riley, Sun Feb 2 11:46
            Riley smiled a bit sadly when Logan patted his shoulder. It was nice to know that Logan did actually care about Riley in some sort of odd way. The sixth year wouldn’t say he was close to Logan, but... more
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