It’s not New Jersey
Fri Jan 31, 2014 17:35

Logan paused uncomfortably, waiting for Riley’s echo to die out. The fifth-year had practice dealing with drama—with the amount of female friends and relatives he had, and his “good listener” reputation, that was no surprise. It was best to just wait for Riley to explain what was wrong.

The envelope (which Riley got rid of before Logan could take a good look at it) made him guess it was either bad news from home or bad news from college. Riley had been grooming Logan to take over the Lyra team all semester, since the sixth-year was graduating early. Logan didn’t want to tell him he didn’t want to be in charge, and he certainly hadn’t told Riley he didn’t see the point in graduating early. Why leave somewhere with free tuition? Logan had no idea what he wanted to do, and he didn’t think he’d know a year from now. Logan was all about delaying unpleasant things.

This time he did awkwardly pat Riley’s shoulder, hoping it would comfort him somehow. It could be worse, he thought, although he didn’t say anything. Riley had another term at RMI; he could always reapply to schools next year. And in the meantime he could do theater and Quidditch and stuff at the school… “I’ll step down as Quidditch Captain so you can have it buddy.

The blond put his hands up in a gesture of casual surrender and shook his head. The last thing Logan wanted was the Lyra captaincy—especially if the former captain would be on the team with him. Besides not knowing or caring much about Quidditch, it seemed like a more verbose job than Logan wanted. Being the Seeker was easy enough: show up, catch the Snitch, go home.

Not that he had done that in their last game, but still.

Riley had his head against his knees, so Logan added “Keep it.” Riley was a good captain. Better yet, if Riley stayed another year, he might pick a new assistant captain and Logan would never have to do the job. As far as Logan was concerned, it was a great plan.

  • Yeah, I guess so. Riley, Thu Jan 30 20:20
    Riley looked up at the hoarse voice, surprised to see Logan standing over him. Riley had only heard Logan speak a handful of times and he was genuinely touched by the fact that Logan would speak just ... more
    • It’s not New Jersey — Logan, Fri Jan 31 17:35
      • But it's not New York!Riley, Sun Feb 2 11:46
        Riley smiled a bit sadly when Logan patted his shoulder. It was nice to know that Logan did actually care about Riley in some sort of odd way. The sixth year wouldn’t say he was close to Logan, but... more
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