But it's not New York!
Sun Feb 2, 2014 11:46

Riley smiled a bit sadly when Logan patted his shoulder. It was nice to know that Logan did actually care about Riley in some sort of odd way. The sixth year wouldn’t say he was close to Logan, but he was one of his better friends here at RMI. Maybe, it was because the younger boy was just comfortable to be around. One never had to be “on” for Logan.

When Logan but his hands up in surrender and shook his head Riley picked up his head sensing movement.Did Logan not want to be Lyra Quidditch Captain? Wasn’t that most boys’ dreams? It hadn’t been Riley’s but Addi and given it to him for a few reasons. Mostly, because Riley was her friend. Riley had always seen the Captaincy as a hassle and perhaps Logan did too. Lyra did deserve a Captain that actually liked Quidditch.

When Logan added keep it, Riley sighed. It would be easy to let Logan take over and completely quit Quidditch but Riley did enjoy the team. “Alright, but only if you stick as my Assistant Captain.” He was trying to gage if Logan really wanted the Assistant Captaincy if he didn’t Riley just might have to keep an eye out next term for someone to take over for him.

  • It’s not New JerseyLogan, Fri Jan 31 17:35
    Logan paused uncomfortably, waiting for Riley’s echo to die out. The fifth-year had practice dealing with drama—with the amount of female friends and relatives he had, and his “good listener”... more
    • But it's not New York! — Riley, Sun Feb 2 11:46
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