Director Addi Leppit
Into the Woods Performance!
Fri Apr 4, 2014 01:34

Some might have considered Into the Woods ambitious to perform, but Addi was an ambitious person, and after seeing the talent at RMI from a different perspective last year, the second-time director was completely confident in the abilities of her cast members. Yes, into the Woods was a big task, but her kids were totally up for it.

They proved it every day they suffered through grueling rehearsals, every time they strived for notes they could not reach just a couple months before, every time they stunned her with their abilities. Every day they worked hard with little complaint--proportional to their age, because at twenty years old, Addi tended to be pretty whiney herself--and no reward. But soon enough, the day of their appreciation would come: opening night.

The Lyra alumna gazed with concern at her reflection. It had taken quite some time to pick out an outfit that was both flattering and Director-y, and though she had settled on the navy dress she now wore, she could not decide if she actually liked it or not. Rather, the shoes that went with it, an interesting pair of pumps, inspired a concern for the well-being of her toes. But at this point she did not have time to change anyway, as the clock informed her that she was running late.

Luckily, late for a director was still early for the actors, and only a few beat her there. "Don't tell anybody about this, mkay?" she joked. By now, certainly the cast and crew realized just how tardy she tended to be. There was no reputation to the contrary to be damaged for being so today. The strawberry blonde went about her pre-show routine, checking props and ensuring arrivals, and eventually, it was time to circle up.

"Guys, this year has been great," Adisynne began. "You've all worked incredibly hard. I really am just floored by how much work you've all put in. Every single one of you is ready for tonight. I believe in you guys, so go out there and make me proud tonight." But really, they had already made her proud, and she beamed brightly. "Now: ten minutes to places!"

The echo of "Thank you, ten" was expected to follow her as she left them to their final preparations. Those ten minutes disappeared quickly, and soon, Addi found herself in front of the curtain and face-to-face with their first audience. Having sent NiccolÚ out to do this last year, she felt a bit odd standing before them, but she proceeded with relative ease as she gave the usual pre-show talk. "Hello, and thank you for coming. My name is Addi Leppit, and I'm the Director here at RMI."

"Now sit back, relax, and enjoy RMI's production of Into the Woods," she concluded merrily a few minutes later. The applause faded as she disappeared and the curtains split. The pit band, crew, and cast had to take over from there.

OOC: Because of how crazy my life has been that has resulted in this being late and rehearsal not happening, I'm going to make a special offer. All Into the Woods posts will receive double-points for your Houses. So a good post that would normally earn 5 points will now earn 10! And yes, term is ending, but you will still be given time to post here.

You are welcome to post at any point in the show (before, during, after) but if your character will be meeting up with family, itíd be better to post that at the audience thread. You can also post at any of the shows: Friday night, Saturday night, Sunday afternoon, and Sunday night. All rules still apply, and be sure not to godmod. Unless their author has already posted and specified, itís generally assumed that none of the actors, techies, or musicians made any terrible mistake. And of course, have fun!

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