Rosemary Stark
Opening Nerves
Sun Apr 20, 2014 23:00

One. Two. Three. Deep breaths, Rose, deep breaths. You can do it. It’s just like rehersals... just with people watching and ready to judge you. It’s no big deal. Don’t panic, if you panic they’ll notice when you mess up. Everything you do was supposed to happen, even if it wasn’t scripted. If you trip and fall, improvise. Tonight you aren’t Rosemary Stark; tonight you are Lucinda, the step sister to Cinderella. Don’t forget it.

Swallowing for the thousandth time that day, she forced some food down. She’d been trying to eat all day but hadn’t managed to keep any of it down. Her stomach was clenching and she felt sick to her stomach. Opening night had come much sooner than she’d expected. She knew the day had been approaching but for some reason she hadn’t actually realized it was so close until it was announced at their last rehearsal that it was their last one of the school year.

She forced herself to stay seated as her make-up was done and she was handed an victorian style dress and told to get dressed. She shakily took the dress and went to change. She struggled with getting the laces tied behind her back and finally just decided to ask for help and held it closed behind her while she walked out and sat back down. Softly asking asking for help with the laces. Her cheeks flaming red as she sat down and let the other girl tie her dress.

Swallowing, she sat still and hardly moved as her hair was done. She felt tugs on her hair, it wasn’t that hard, but it was enough to make her feel like crying. Maybe it was how nervous she was that was making her emotions go hay-wire.

As it came closer to the time the show was to begin, she felt the urge to puke again. There was nothing in her stomach, however, and she knew that. She ignored what her body was telling her and moved to the place where she’d enter onto the stage. Licking her lips, she closed her eyes.

Let the show begin. she thought sarcastically. She wasn’t ready. She abruptly moved away from her place. She didn’t want to do this. How could she possibly do this? Playing Quidditch was something different, no buddy expected you to be perfect. They expected you to try your best and if you messed up, it was all good.

You were nervous your first game. You were even sick. Get back to your position and try your best, They can’t mock you for trying something outside your comfort zone. If, after closing night, that you really didn’t enjoy it… Just don’t tryout next year.

Grudgingly, she accepted her logical thoughts and moved back. She knew she had missed the time she’d supposed to move onto the stage. Not by much, but she’d still missed it. She knew they were improvising, waiting for her to join. So, she joined at that moment, stumbling over a nick in the floor as she did. She struggled to regain her balance before falling flat on her face. Blush spread across her face as she stuttered over her first few lines before she could just imagine that this was a dress rehearsal. She found that it wasn’t that hard to get to a standing position. Her legs felt like they’d give out at any time but she forced them to keep her standing as she moved her

As her parts came to an end, she found that she wasn’t as nervous. It wasn’t as bad as she’d thought it could’ve been. She scurried behind the curtains, catching her breath. She hadn’t told her family she was in the play-- she hadn’t wanted her mother or brother to be there if she goofed. At least next year she probably won’t be as nervous. Ryan was already going to be her, so that was great!

The closing night seemed to come faster than she could’ve thought and all too soon was it over. She smiled. She’d made it through and it was a wonderful experience.

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