Co-director Addi Leppit
You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown Auditions!
Sat May 24, 2014 11:36

Perhaps to the surprise of RMI’s general population, fliers regarding musical auditions appeared considerably early into the school year. This year, however, things were going to be different. But Addi and Garen had a plan for RMI’s theatre department this year, a hypothetical crossing into reality with unpredictable reactions.

You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown was a rather small show, certainly much smaller than Addi had any knowledge of ever being produced at RMI. Generally, the directors picked big-cast shows to give as many students as possible the opportunity to get involved. But this time, there would be other outlets.

The date proclaimed on the fliers rolled around more quickly than Addi had expected, but perhaps that was because of how early everything was. Available upon the students’ entrance were the audition sheets. For those wishing to be in the cast, the sheet was the most extensive:

Voice part (if known):
Desired role(s):
Previous experience:

RMI had the distinct opportunity for the musically talented, offering a pit band to orchestrate the songs for the show. The musicians’ sheet was a lot shorter.

Number of years experience:

Of course, no show could function without backstage assistance, and techies had even less to fill out.

Technical specialty:

“Welcome to auditions,” she smiled to the students. “I imagine most of you know me, but for the benefit of newcomers, I’m Adisynne Leppit. Feel free to just call me Addi.” She enjoyed the ring Director Adisynne had, but it was a waste of time to utter all of those syllables every time she was needed--and as director, she was needed rather often.

“Over here,” she continued, “is a wonderful fellow named Garen Tennant. He and I are your co-directors.” As she spoke, Garen was to hand out the synopsis and character descriptions to all those in possession of the green sheet indicative of the actors. (Addi ran a proud color-coded operation.)

“If you’ve had any interaction with the Muggle world, you’ve probably encountered Charlie Brown,” stated the twenty year old. “But most people do so in the form of the comic strips, not through a musical. You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown is adapted from the comics in the Muggle newspapers.” She distinctly remembered reading them with her twin brother in their childhood. In fact, she had probably stolen the insult of “blockhead” to use against Andy once or twice.

“Now, this is a very small cast. Traditionally, it’s only done with six characters: Charlie Brown, Lucy, Snoopy, Linus, Sally, and Schroeder,” Addi admitted. “But it can be done by adding a few more characters from the comic, or we can double-cast, depending on what we have to work with, so don’t worry about it too much.”

“Additionally, this won’t be RMI’s only production this year,” she amended with a sneaky grin. “We’re doing this early so we have time in the spring for a talent show. We’re hoping between the two of us, we can get this all done.” Adisynne sent a hopeful glance at her partner and mentor; if there was anyone who could manage a musical and a talent show in one term, it was the well-versed Garen “Tennant Man” Tennant. And she was sort of his prodige.

A pause hung in the air. Then Addi nodded, mostly to herself, and said, “All right then. Feel free to practice here until you're ready. When you are, come on back to the directors’ room backstage; the door will glow green if we're open for business or red if somebody's in there already. Musicians and techies, there's a box for your papers on the door. Everybody break a leg!"

OOC: Remember that you must use the forms in your audition/signup. A full post is not necessary for techies and musicians, but you're welcome to give one to earn more points for your House.For the purposes of this audition, you are allowed to directly use lyrics from real life musical numbers, and you may include a video of the song if you want to, but it is not necessary. Please remember that younger actors’ voices have not changed yet, and keep your character's show experience reasonable. Stick to site rules—length, rating, etc—and have fun! For an example of a good audition, check this out.

Additionally, we have to adhere to a strict schedule to fit the musical and talent show into the term. Therefore, all auditions must be in by 7 June. The cast list will go up that day. Give us your best shot before that, and we’ll all be fine.

So let’s see some great stuff here, guys! Happy posting!

    • A helping hand Jack O'Neill, Mon Jun 9 06:22
      Name: Jack O'Neill Technical speciality: Props
    • Just making it, I hopeStarr Colindale [Draco], Sat Jun 7 01:36
      The musical stood out in Starr's mind as the one thing he'd really enjoyed and been good at in his first year at RMI. There were elements of his practical school work that had gone ok – he wasn't bad ... more
    • Here we go againFinn Dubois, Fri Jun 6 12:20
      Finn had never been much of a comic book person. Growing up with her mum’s parents, well, they didn’t exactly stock their bookshelves with comics, and on the days she was dragged along to the... more
    • Why notCopeland Henkes, Tue Jun 3 12:12
      Name: Copeland Henkes Year: 4 Height: 5’6” Voice part (if known): don’t know Desired role(s): don’t care Charlie Brown don’t care Previous experience: Sonny in Grease , the wolf in Into the Woods... more
    • Back again Benny Adler, Mon Jun 2 07:55
      Name:Benjamin Adler Year:3 Instrument(s):Piano Number of years experience:7
    • Hey, A Show For Me!Grace Sanford [Aquila], Sun Jun 1 14:39
      Grace had grown up reading the Charlie Brown comics. She didn’t remember much about her and Hyana’s mom, but she did remember a box of the comics in their tiny attic. Grace went through as many of... more
    • Saving All My LoveMelinda Brogren, Thu May 29 19:12
      Melinda was thrilled that they were having a musical this year. She'd spent months preparing a song for the talent show if need be, but honestly, she preferred the musical. The Lyra had decided over... more
    • "Sing"-ingStrawberry Anders, Thu May 29 17:59
      This year, Strawberry had not at all been expecting there to be a musical. Every three years there was usually a talent show instead, so she was surprised. So it was a good thing she liked surprises. ... more
    • Signing upPoppy Brogren, Thu May 29 14:53
      Name:Poppy Brogren Year:3 Instrument(s):Harmonica,cymbals,kazoo. Number of years experience:I played the harmonica last year and none take much.
    • Signing upBen Brogren, Thu May 29 12:43
      Name: Ben Brogren Technical specialty:Set construction
    • Well, it's an attempt.Olivia Knight [Draco], Tue May 27 22:08
      A smaller musical to Olivia sounded like a bad, bad omen. She was not terribly confident in her abilities, chalking up her lead role the prior year to fortunate voice typing, and she was fairly... more
    • Signing upDeMarcus Brogren, Tue May 27 02:27
      Name: DeMarcus Brogren Year:4 Instrument(s):Drums Number of years experience:Three with real drums, lots of banging on pots and pans before that.
    • First audition posted means I get the lead, right?Michael Lawrence, Jr. [Aquila], Mon May 26 16:03
      At the dawn of Mikey’s RMI career, he had been fortunate enough to befriend a boy called Jesse Ramos. In the years since then, Jesse quickly grew to be his best friend. But Jesse was an active... more
    • No glitter this show? :(Aman Shah, Mon May 26 10:34
      Name: Aman Shah Technical Specialty: Hair/Make-Up, costuming as well if needed.
    • Once more unto the breachLogan Brophy, Sat May 24 12:20
      Name: Logan Brophy Year: 6 Instrument(s): Harp Number of years experience: enough
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