Strawberry Anders
Thu May 29, 2014 17:59

This year, Strawberry had not at all been expecting there to be a musical. Every three years there was usually a talent show instead, so she was surprised. So it was a good thing she liked surprises. Of course, the Cetus hadn't really had time to prepare anything but it wasn't as if she...ever truly prepared that far in advance for the musical anyway.

Strawberry scanned the cast list. It didn't look like there were any trios or duos in terms of parts this year. Rats. She hadn't been cast with Olivia last year or the year before, and it didn't look like she would this year either. Not that it still hadn't been fun.

It was also not a very...big cast. She actually doubted whether or not she'd even get a part. Not due to a lack of ability so much as just...numbers themselves. Plus some people took the musical far more seriously than she did and had a whole lot of talent. Probably pre-RMI experience. The high school in Endport wasn't even big enough to have musicals so Strawberry certainly hadn't been in plays in elementary school. Nor did they have a community theater or anything much for opportunities in general. Even if she knew what she wanted to do, she certainly wouldn't be able to do it there.

In fact, Strawberry wasn't even familiar with most musicals unless she'd been them. Oh, and the South Park movie could possibly qualify. Patience claimed it was her favorite, but somehow the redhead didn't think RMI was going to be performing it any time soon. Too much profanity. Which she assumed was why her sister liked it. However, while not being not knowing this musical,Strawberry personally loved Charlie Brown and used to watch all the TV specials. Of course, now she wasn't home to do so. Even the Christmas one as it tended to air before midterm began.

She took a sheet from Addi and scribbled down her responses on the form.

Name: Strawberry Anders
Year: Sixth
Height: 4'8"
Voice part (if known): Soprano
Desired role(s): Any
Previous experience:Rapunzel (Into the Woods),Frenchie (Grease), Silly Girl/Napkin (Beauty and the Beast), Little Pig/Ensemble (Shrek)

After Olivia had finished, Strawberry got up onstage. "My name is Strawberry Anders and I'll be singing the song 'Sing' by My Chemical Romance." She began. "Sing it out, boy you got to see what tomorrow brings..."

OOC- A version of "Sing" can be found here

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