Melinda Brogren
Saving All My Love
Thu May 29, 2014 19:12

Melinda was thrilled that they were having a musical this year. She'd spent months preparing a song for the talent show if need be, but honestly, she preferred the musical. The Lyra had decided over the years that acting was what she liked best of all. She took it extremely seriously and hoped to be on Broadway someday.

Once she recieved the synopsis though, Melinda frowned. Not being that familiar with Muggle comics, she had no idea who Charlie Brown was, but there were only six parts in this play and she couldn't figure out how one would just add random parts. A randomly added part couldn't possibly have any songs or lines and how would that show off her skills? Now that she was older and had more experience, a background part simply wouldn't do.

And this was the only experience Melinda could get too. Extra lessons simply were not done in her house. Not enough time or money. It was really unfair that the people who could afford such things really didn't usually want to. Or need to. Even if that sort wanted to act professionally, it wasn't what society had planned for them.

Sucked to be them. At least in that respect.

Most of the roles were for guys too and neither female character had Melinda's voice part. That was so not fair. She was one of the better actresses in the school, and she was going to end up relegated to the background, if that, because she had the wrong voice part. RMI seemed to have more girls in general than guys too. At least Melinda knew she could do a genderbent role, if she had to. That might actually be preferable to one with no lines or not getting a part at all. So long as she didn't have to cut her hair or anything. Some guys had long hair after all, Alison had friends like that.

She also had serious doubts she was going to be the ingenue either as she had this weird tendency to get the character parts. The fifth year supposed that showed off more acting skills anyway-and they were admittedly fun. Maybe she'd get Snoopy, with a silly name like that, it had to be a character role. She filled out her sheet.

Name:Melinda Brogren
Voice part (if known):Mezzo
Desired role(s):Sally or Lucy
Previous experience:Lefou, Beauty and the Beast, Patty Simcox, Grease, Cinderella's Stepmother, Into The Woods

She waited as the first few people auditioned. Melinda knew that neither Olivia nor Strawberry had the same voice part she did, and her mezzo was closer to Lucy's alto than their sopranos and she really was a better actress. On the other hand, they were a year older and had a year more experience. Possibly had been doing it even longer than that. Olivia, at least, was from the sort of family who had money for lessons.She didn't know how many kids her immediate family had though, there were quite a few Knights around but some of them could have been cousins. As for Strawberry, she didn't know much about her family or anything other than she only seemed to have a fraternal twin sister who swore a lot. Neither, however, seemed to have Melinda's passion for theater.

Once Strawberry was done, it was her turn. She gave Addi and Mr. Tennant a big smile, and introduced herself. "I'm Melinda Brogren and I'll be singing 'Saving All My Love' by Whitney Houston. " She began to sing.

OOC-Melinda's song is here

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