Finn Dubois
Here we go again
Fri Jun 6, 2014 12:20

Finn had never been much of a comic book person. Growing up with her mum’s parents, well, they didn’t exactly stock their bookshelves with comics, and on the days she was dragged along to the grocery, her attempts to get them to buy items not already on the shopping list were futile. She had distinct memories of her grandmčre dismissing everything from comics and magazines to chocolates and chewing gum as “a waste of money”, usually followed by a scolding to stop being childish and a smack on the back of her hand if she made a slight movement to pick up or point at something. Sometimes the woman had given her a smack even when she hadn’t moved. Needless to say, the “impulse racks” at the check-out queue were something she learned quickly enough to relabel as “ignore racks”.

But since coming of age last year, she’d finally gained full and unrestrained access to her banking accounts, like the trust fund she had long known existed and hadn’t expected her grandparents to have actually contributed towards. The redheaded witch wasn’t a splurger by any means (the more she saved, the sooner she could move out and find a way to make life satisfying to her, start working towards her dreams, which was kind of obviously the priority here) but it was nice to have the option, at least. This was how she had discovered that, despite her late arrival to it, she most certainly was now a comic-book person.

With two shows now under her belt, auditioning for the musical again this term had been a given (though of course she’d stuck to tradition and made valiant if half-hearted efforts to talk herself out of it again; she couldn’t trick herself into believing she was enjoying her time at RMI and having fun doing extracurriculars and all that, now could she?). Charlie Brown wasn’t a name familiar to her, but after hearing that it was from some Muggle cartoon, she had decided to splurge on some, ah, research, and paid the cornershop on Pearl Street a visit. And, gosh, apparently she’d really missed out as a kid! These comic books were fantastic. A book person in general, Finn was not, but flipping through the thin printed pages with their doodles and speech balloons was hardly the same as “real research” in textbooks, and she was altogether having a blast with it.

Name: Finn Dubois
Year: 6
Height: 5’6
Voice Part: Alto
Desired Role(s): No preference
Previous experience: Rizzo in “Grease”, Red Riding Hood in “Into the Woods”

Absently twining a rough bit of rust-red hair between two fingers, the eighteen-year-old completed the form with a final swipe of her pen and hopped off her seat. They had co-directors this year, Addi and Garen Tennant. Aside from what Addi had said about him, Finn honestly had no memory of who the man was supposed to be. A new member of the staff, anyways, and obviously one interested enough in theatre to get involved with the musical… er, maybe not “obviously”, as she herself hadn’t taken much of a fancy to it until well after her first audition. But the guy sort of looked like a theatre person, somehow. Did that even make sense?


“Salut,” she greeted the pair casually upon pushing open the office door. Handing over her form, she introduced herself, solely for Tennant’s sake (she expected Addi would recognize her by now). “Finn Dubois, back another year. I’ll be singing Hey Jude.” Tapping her sneakered heel a few times to get in the beat, she launched into it immediately, low French accent grazing the syllables. The Beatles weren’t her usual cup of tea, but the manager of the local garden shop she worked at over summer break was obsessed to the point of stupidity. With Beatles albums on repeat as her background music all summer, she had wound up with enough of their songs stuck in her head that she hadn’t seen any point in adding a new song for this audition.

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