Michael Lawrence, Jr. [Aquila]
Mikey Van Pelt for the win!
Fri Jun 27, 2014 22:21

Some people in the theatre world resented being doublecast. And really, they had every right to. Perhaps they felt cheated in that their hard work and potential were evidently not deserving of their own role. Or maybe the qualm was over only getting to perform in half of the shows. Another reason could have been the fact that they did not feel like an individual. These or others, whatever the cause, some people simply did not like the double casting practice.

Mikey was by all means not one of those people.

When he saw the cast list, he was beyonstoked. Not only did he get to play Linus Van Pelt, a pretty awesome role, but he was doublecast with his boy Jesse! Being doublecast meant somewhat less pressure, and being that his “other-self” was basically his Other Self, line memorizing was going to be a snap. Man, Addi and Garen totally got this one spot on.

He was pretty sure the Jets/Sharks thing was an allusion to another musical, but that wasn’t what mattered. All-in-all, the brunet was pretty excited about his fellow Jets. Strawberry Anders was totally great (not that Olivia wasn’t, of course), and the convenient thing about Finn being the one in his cast was that he could check out Melinda Brogren without her technically being his sister. That was A+.

The only annoying part was having to watch scenes he wasn’t in be run twice. Like, he enjoyed both Strawberry and Olivia singing, but he totally did not need to hear “My New Philosophy” twice in a row. At least it ended fairly quickly. And it was admittedly fairly cute.

But it led into one of Mikey’s favorite songs, The Book Report. Mostly he just liked it because A) it was essentially chaos and B) it made him look smart. After all, Mikey Van Pelt knew all the stuff! Acting was such a marvelous thing, yo; this was the only instance in which it ever appeared the Aquila did his homework.

The rest of rehearsal was whatever. The other songs were good, but nothing was quite was fun as that one. Mikey pretty much hated the end because of how cheesy it was, but given the nature of the entire show, it worked overall. (Even if it was Merlin-awful.) In a way, nothing could follow it, which was good since nothing tried to.

Gathering up his things upon being released, the fourteen year old offered a smile to a nearby castmate. “Hey, great job today,” he complimented. Mikey was a generally chill guy and didn’t particularly dislike anyone at RMI, but having a small show kinda made him feel tighter with his fellow cast members. Kinda like a family.

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