Copeland Henkes [Cetus]
You have Schroeder Henkes’ vote
Sun Jun 29, 2014 12:59

Cope couldn’t believe it when he saw the cast list. It felt like three impossible things had happened. First, he’d been cast, which was a big deal when they’d had more auditions than roles. Second, that he hadn’t been double-cast. Cope hadn’t even known that was an option, but if he had, he would’ve expected that he would have to share a role. The third impossible thing was that he was playing Schroeder—arguably the coolest character in the show (except maybe Snoopy, with his alias of Joe Cool).

He felt like thanking Addi and Director Tennant every time they had rehearsal. (He didn’t, because the idea of that made him feel so much secondhand embarrassment for his potential self that he wanted to die, but still.) He’d decided to make it up to them by practicing his lines a lot on his own time. He had the most trouble with “Beethoven Day,” since it had a ton of words like “philharmonic” and “reverential,” and he wasn’t quite sure what they meant. “My New Philosophy” was all right—he didn’t have to do too much for it, although he wished they could break up alternate cast rehearsals so he didn’t have to do the same song twice in a row.

He sort of thought Strawberry was better at being Sally than Olivia, but he wouldn’t say so to anyone.

“The Book Report” had a lot of words really fast, but at least he knew what all of those words were. Plus, it was just telling the story of Robin Hood, which he kind of knew from the movie. The first part—where Schroeder was trying to figure out what to say about Peter Rabbit—reminded Cope of his essay attempts for most of his classes. He was pretty sure all of his Potions essays sounded like Lucy Van Pelt’s book report…like he was just trying to meet the word count. (In fairness, he wouldn’t have to do that if Professor Gallico didn’t assign such long essays.)

Director Tennant said he had to be as big and excited as possible when he was describing Robin Hood, so Cope tried to do that. He mimed smashing a staff on someone’s head when the Sheriff did that, and fell like a sack full of lead when Robin did that, and sprung up to laugh like the Sheriff when he did that. It was kind of a workout. It might be better if Starr, Grace, and whoever played Sally act out the story… maybe he would suggest it to them later.

He liked “Glee Club Practice” too, because it was fun to pretend like he was completely oblivious to everyone fighting and surprised when he looked up and they’d all walked off. The rest of the songs were fine—he didn’t do much in most of them, but he really liked “T-E-A-M.” He was tired by the end of rehearsal, and ready to go back to the Common Room. He’d skipped the Cultural Studies reading yesterday because he had Quidditch practice, so now he had twice as much to do.

Mikey’s compliment made him turn. “Thanks, you too,” he said, with a small grin. Cope liked this cast much better than the other two shows he’d been in. They pretty much all had scenes together (last show, Cope had really only interacted with Lyubov and Riley), so they were all friends. Or, well, friendly, anyway. “The Book Report was really good. You sound really smart.” Cope paused, thinking about what he’d just said. “Not that you don’t usually sound smart, but… anyway.”

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    • You have Schroeder Henkes’ vote — Copeland Henkes [Cetus], Sun Jun 29 12:59
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