Finn Dubois
Rehearsing and breaking
Mon Jun 30, 2014 23:41

Finn had been partnered with Mikey Lawrence in the Jet cast, which struck her as funny when they were acting in scenes together. The tallish eighteen-year-old wasn’t exactly on par with her fourth-year “brother”, not in height and also not in voice, with her alto tones trying to pass for a much younger female character. On her last trip to Pearl Street (which was admittedly pretty recent; quickly turned more irritable than usual when kept enclosed on school grounds, she headed aboveground at least a few times a week. She had an interview at one of the strip mall’s shops tomorrow, actually, which would hopefully accept her and further give her an opportunity to escape that pervasive school-y environment), Finn had managed to score a computer at the internet cafe and, with help from a friendly Muggle local, slowly and tediously looked up a few Charlie Brown clips to add to her new comic book knowledge. According to the video clips, Lucy’s voice was relatively high and squeaky, basically the total opposite of Finn’s voice. She’d been trying to add a bit more of that squeaky quality in to her singing at today’s rehearsal, but it wasn’t coming out overly well so far.

The Book Report was a loud and ridiculous scene and, perhaps unsurprisingly, plus a little bit surprising, also a ridiculous amount of fun. Finn found herself rather enjoying the role of Lucy in this song, if only because the girl was just as impatient as Finn herself always was when it came to writing assignments. She could feel some definite empathy towards her assigned character-role there. Regarding books, the redheaded witch was a self-acknowledged bare-minimum worker, procrastinating to the last minute and then hastily counting parchment length to the millimeter where necessary, quite willingly inserting longer, idle sentences or larger-than-normal handwriting in order to complete an essay without having to put in much extra work. The same procedure applied for most of her schoolwork, minus Herbology, her passion, and physical spellcasting, fifty times better than just writing a boring spell report. Hypothetically and in a general since, she could understand why it was important to know how to do research and write about different spells and subjects and stuff, but for her personally, it was a waste. Her career goals didn’t follow any desires for higher education or academia, so what was the point? Lucy’s summation of a stupid book about a stupid rabbit was simplistic but totally acceptable by Finn’s terms, comparing it to her present life experience and recognizing the sheer lack of usefulness in such a topic.

Involuntarily sucking in a final, gasping breath for air at the song’s conclusion, she followed the rest of her cast offstage and flopped down immediately into a chair to watch the Sharks cast. Well, she didn’t really watch them straightaway, being a bit preoccupied with getting her breathing back to normal. It was a fast song and Tennant had taken it at a good clip; she had caught herself tripping over her own tongue two or three times during Lucy’s lines counting essay words, her native Québec French drawl unsuited to the rapid pace of syllables flying past. Reaching down for her water bottle, she accidentally knocked over someone else’s bottle sitting beside it and sent it rolling down into the next row of theatre seats. “Whoops,” she whispered in lieu of an apology, poking the person sitting in front. “Mind picking that up? I’ll set it back here - unless it’s actually yours, in which case I guess you might as well keep it.” Giving them a slight grin, she shook a stray hair out of her face, fingers itching to uncap her own bottle and take a swig.

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