Directors Garen Tennant & Addi Leppit
Charlie Brown Performance! [Cast/Crew]
Fri Jul 4, 2014 16:57

Backstage smelled vaguely of wood shavings, paint, and hairspray. Garen, having taken a detour from the booth to give his traditional pre-show pep talk, drank it in while he waited for the cast and crew to assemble at stage right. Aman should be finishing the last touches on Olivia’s makeup just about now. Thank Webber it’s a small show, Garen thought, inspecting the red paint on Snoopy’s doghouse, or we’d never be able to manage with just one person for costumes, hair, and makeup.

Aman had been invited to help the running crew, along with Ben Brogren, Jack O’Neill, and the off cast. Anthony Leppit, who would only witness Garen’s speech through Addi’s headset, which connected the backstage manager to the booth, was already doing the final light and sound checks.

The show was running for two weekends. Opening night and the third show—another Friday evening performance a week after the first—would be played by the Sharks. The Jets were doing a Saturday matinee and, the following weekend, a Saturday evening closing show. Garen thought this was most fair, and he hoped it gave everyone’s families equal chance to see their students perform. The three who didn’t get to perform in every show had been asked to help with running crew; Garen wanted upperclassmen (or, as it were, women) to levitate the kite during its song, and it was always good to have better-trained wizards on hand.

At twenty minutes to seven, Garen gave his customary address; the speech varied between nights but basically conveyed the message that he was incredibly proud of everyone who had helped, and that he knew they were going to put on an amazing show, and to just have fun onstage. He’d liked working with this small, hand-picked cast all semester. We should find another small cast show for next year. Godspell might work… though what we’ll do without Riley, I don’t know.

Addi had similar thoughts, wondering what RMI would be like without Riley for both theatrical and personal reasons. But she tried not to think about it too hard, instead letting herself enjoy Garen’s pre-show speeches. She left the eloquence to him, given that her speeches in prior years usually were even more succinct and less motivational. Plus, listening to Garen’s speeches kind of made her feel like a kid again. It was nice.

She tossed in something to the effect of “Let’s do this!” after the conclusion of Garen’s speeches before issuing, “Ten minutes to places,” whereupon she expected an echo of Thank you, ten. Those ten minutes passed fleetly, and soon enough, it was time to address the audience. Adisynne thanked them for coming, introduced herself and Garen, and smiled, “Now please sit back, relax, and enjoy RMI’s production of You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown.

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