Adisynne Leppit
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Sun Jul 20, 2014 18:38

The pain of being a director was watching kids come and go. They had limited time at RMI, just like she had thought she would have. But now she was at RMI indefinitely, until she either got fired or quit. The strawberry blonde was now watching all the younger kids leave her, and it was a strange pain, something she had never expected.

When she was a performer, Addi had developed a love/hate relationship with closing nights. They were so satisfying, but they were also so devastating. Bittersweet was a flavor so often in her mouth on nights such as those. Saying goodbye to Oompa Loompa Number X, to Penny Lou Pingleton, to Princess Fiona, to Mrs. Potts… They were hard nights.

But they paled in comparison to tonight. As a director, the twenty year old also loved/hated closing nights. She missed her Grease and Into the Woods kids more than she ever imagined. And now she was going to miss her Charlie Brown kids in the same way, but one of them stood out in particular. One of them would never act for her again.

Although it was only winter, with a talent show on the horizon thanks to her and Garen being overachievers, this was the final show of one Riley Finn. The talent show was one more opportunity to see him perform, but it was certainly not the same. Adisynne vividly recalled the pain of her final show, Beauty and the Beast in her sixth year. Her seventh year gave her a talent show and a fantastic way to say goodbye, but it was just… different. The pain of the performer only leaked through in a talent show. A musical let it shine.

But there were no more musicals for Riley Finn. Three years her junior, Riley had been practically a baby when they met. She recalled vaguely his performance in the talent show his first year and her fourth, but Shrek rehearsals and Quidditch the next year had really begun their friendship. Addi remembered towering over Riley, then watching him catch up. Now he had her beat significantly, standing over six foot. Despite the height and age difference, despite poor decisions she had made along the way, she hoped Riley still looked up to her.

Either way, he currently looked to her, his eyes finding hers in the crowd after the last Charlie Brown performance. Addi braced herself for the emotional wreck that was inevitably coming--she’d punch him if he made her cry!--and headed backstage. Andersson had Tycho, for which she was especially glad now, because Riley could have, and deserved, all of her attention.

As soon as she stepped in, Riley was in tears. ”Oh Merlin look at me being a Diva already!” And then he was all around her, hugging her tightly, her arms snaking up and around his neck. Addi choked on emotion but shut down any tears, silent as the battle rendered her speechless. She could feel his heartbeat, or maybe it was her own. Maybe it was both, beating together in their own conversation.

She hugged him for a long time, like letting go meant parting even though she knew it didn’t. They had more time, months ahead of them, but closing nights always felt so final. A chapter of Riley’s life--of her life--ended on that stage tonight, and it could never be brought back. But Addi had learned that sometimes, moving forward was okay. She hated change, but she could only resist so many times. She’d spent years and years fighting progress, but the world demanded to march on anyway.

And so she knew she could hardly stop Riley from growing up, but she also knew he would be around. The hug concluded eventually, and stepping back with a crooked smile, Adisynne intentionally cheesily stated, “You’re a good man, Riley Finn.”

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    The applause was fading from his ears, there were hugs and Riley Finn fought back tears. He had thought last term would be his last time on this stage but fate had brought him back for another year.... more
    • Not quite yet! — Adisynne Leppit, Sun Jul 20 18:38
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