Killian Walker
Tick Tock
Tue Aug 26, 2014 13:12

Killian shuffled quietly along the halls, the muffled noises of his feet and the sniffles coming from him were the only things to be heard. The teen was not sick, as he had claimed to few that had crossed his path in the past few hours that he had been wandering. No, Killian Walker was upset. It had struck him recently that he was graduating. Although Rocky Mountain had only been in his life for a short time, that was more than enough for him to consider it a home. The school had done so much for him and the Aquila felt powerless to give anything back.

He had no worries about his future. He’d been offered a position on the National Australian Quidditch Team as a seeker and had already begun processing and conditioning for it. His life seemed to be bright, but he couldn’t help but mourn what he would be leaving behind. Friends, family, and so many things that he had come to love about America. It almost didn’t seem fair that he had to leave it so quickly. He was practically devastated. He always knew that this year would come and at some points even yearned for it to come quicker. But now that it was finally fast approaching, the Australian wanted nothing more than for it to stop or rewind at the least. Before he had hated that people told him he had all the time in the world, now it seemed that he didn’t have enough. In fact, the time was all too short for some.

Killian shuffled further along the halls, bumping into people as he went. With muttered apologies, he continued onward. He wasn’t sure where he was going, but he thought that he would know it when he got there. Brown eyes looked up at the halls as he travelled, each step reminding him more of what the place had done for him. When Killian had first arrived at RMI, he hadn’t known what to expect. He’d been questioning himself in more ways than he ever had, his father had hated him, he’d been in love with best friend, and above all he had been lost. Now however, he knew himself like the back of his hand.

Midterm had given him a long time to think about things. He was his own person who was in love with a different girl. Pamela was practically the light of his life and he had no idea how to tell her. He was running out of time. His best friend, Serenity, seemed to slowly be slipping away from him, into the arms of another, and yet completely out of all of their hands. He needed more time. His father was the man who had pushed him harder than anyone ever could, the man that had always been so strong, and the last time Killian had seen him was when they’d been lowering his coffin into the cold hard ground. Dylan Walker had reached out after two years to try and make amends with his son. They’d been driving a muggle car when a drunk driver blindsided them. The Aquila couldn’t remember much of anything after that except for waking up in a hospital bed with bandages lining his stomach. His father was dead and all Killian was sporting was a new scar along the side of his abdomen. He’d run out of time.

The eighteen year old stumbled into the theater and into one of the seats, sobs wracking his body as the images flashed in his mind. It had all been so overwhelming and so official. Killian wanted more time but it couldn’t be that way. It never would be. So when the sound of footsteps approached, Killian made no move to greet the person, he simply stayed there, tears running down his face as he stared at the watch on his wrist, begging for time.

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